Glee Series 2 Premiere

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Return of the Gleeks

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After much fanfare and hurrah series 2 of Glee premiered on Channel 10 this week. Quinn was no longer pregnant, Rachel had a new softer hairstyle, I think it was the fringe, or bangs, as they call them in America and Santana (one of the slutty cheerleaders) had a boob job. Not that it was noticeable.

The last series ended with our Glee singers losing the ‘regionals’ and Quinn having her baby and giving it to Rachel’s natural mother. Sue Sylvester had come on side with the Gleeks, by voting for them in the final. This season started with a drive for new members of the group. Finn found a natural singing in the football team’s shower, but thankfully decided not to approach him while he was naked. Rachel found another, a Phillipino exchange student, in the girl’s toilet and they sang a duet, only in a musical eh? Rachel felt threatened, as the girl was so good and gave her directions to a crack house, rather than the auditions.


Sorry all versions of Rachel (Lea Michele) and Sunshine’s (Charice) duet in the Dunny seem to have been removed, so here is a mash up with the Lady Gaga version

Meanwhile the Glee club and the Cheerios, the school cheer leaders, had their budgets cut as more money was going to the school football team and its new coach Shannon Beiste (pronounced Beast) a very butch looking woman. Will Schuester and Sue Sylvester team up to try to force the coach out and get some of their finance back.

Coach Beast (Dot Jones) Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) and Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) in the season 2 premiere of Glee

Artie Abrams (the guy in the wheelchair) lost his girlfriend to an Asian guy with awesome abs and persuaded Finn to try and get him into the football team. Coach Beast saw this as a personal insult after the campaign of hate tricks from Will and Sue and kicked Finn off the football team. The new guy with the great voice got Finns position as Quarter back and did not turn up for an audition for the Glee club, as he was worried he would be kicked off the team too.

The new Phillipino girl, Sunshine, did audition for New Directions and was magnificent, but got poached by their arch rivals Vocal Adrenaline as she did not trust Rachel for sending her to a crack house. The rest of the club turned on Rachel. Will, of course, saw that it was wrong to treat the new football coach as an outsider, apologised and called a truce. This of course alienated Sue Sylvester and made her his enemy again.

rachel-finn Glee season 2 premiere

Finn (Corey Montieth) and Rachel (Lea Michele) in Glee season 2 premiere. She did it for love?

Rachel ended the show singing I did it for Love which did not really make sense to me as she did what she did out of fear of losing her starring role in the group.

This was not one of my favourite episodes; it was a bit short on laughs and great songs. But you always have to appreciate Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester; she’s so mean and has some great put down lines. I’ve enjoyed her in several other films too and especially as Charlie‘s Psychiatrist in Two and a Half Men. Lea Michelle is great too as Rachel. She runs the line between overplaying the role and sending it up at the same time. So I’ll be tuning in again next week to see Britney Spears appear in a cameo.

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