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Last time for this bunch of college kids

Well it all ended on Monday here in Oz. The last episode of season four of Skins. So although it has been one of my favourite subjects on this site, this will obviously be my last review for sometime.

I must say I was disappointed with the ending; it left so many questions unanswered. A bit like the end of the The Sopranos, but at least then you were pretty sure that Tony Soprano got shot.

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This episode was titled Everyone and everyone was featured, except Freddie, to some degree. Thomas took up running and was discovered by a local athletics coach. Emily woke up in bed with a naked chick, who wasn’t Naomi. By the way Naomi’s surname is Campbell and as far as I remember, no one ever commented on the fact that she was a (very) white Naomi Campbell. Anyhow Naomi did not seem to mind Emily sleeping with the other girl, as she thought that she was straight (she wasn’t). But then she went on a one woman bender, as no one else in the house, which was everyone, seemed to want to drink, or party. Cook slept with a girl that looked like Effy and then rushed her out of the house when Naomi pointed out the fact. JJ left because of the dodgy atmosphere between Emily and Naomi. Then the Police raided the place looking for Cook, the escaped prisoner. He got away to hide out in Freddie’s shed.

Cook shirtless

Cook escaped from the Police and fought freaky Foster

Freddie’s sister was desperate to find him. He had left her a note saying he had had enough and he was out of here. But no one knew where he had gone. With Cook, JJ and Freddie’s sister in the shed, they started to party to celebrate Freddie’s birthday and everyone else was invited. Emily and Naomi told everyone they were going to India together. When Pandora arrived she announced that she had got a scholarship to Harvard and when Thomas arrived they sat down to talk and he told her he had a running scholarship, to Harvard. These two parts of the story felt like very last minute thoughts to me, some way to put the two of them together again. But it felt even more forced as so many of the other characters futures were not made clear at all.

Freddies sister Karen

Freddies sister Karen (Klariza Clayton) was desperate to find her missing brother

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Throughout the episode people had been hearing Freddie when was not around. While everyone was partying in the shed Cook was outside taking a leak and he heard some noise, he called for Freddie, but no one replied. He saw a strange character lurking and followed him. It was the psycho psychologist. Cook broke into his house and found Freddie’s blood sodden clothes. The psychologist discovered Cook and was armed with his baseball bat. The psychologist said that neither Freddy nor Cook is good enough for Effy. He tells Cook to kneel down. Cook gives him a speech about who he is and fired by the fact he has killed his friend springs to attack him. Fade to black.

That whole scene left a bit to be desired too. There was a lack of believability about Cook‘s discovery of the clothes and why he would suspect the psychologist, with no previous knowledge of him that I remember.

There was also no wind up for Effy, Katie or JJ. What lies ahead for them? And of course we don’t find out if justice is done to the psychologist. Does Cook win the battle, or does he get killed too?

Pandora and Thomas meeting up at Harvard, as if.

So what was a very good series, although a bit dark and depressing at times, had a very unsatisfactory ending. Too many loose ends and other things, like Pandora and Thomas and Naomi and Emily winding up too quickly, in what seemed like rushed story lines to me. It was like the writers ran out of time before they could complete all of their story lines.

Emily and Naomi

Emily and Naomi professed their love for each other and booked a trip to Goa

I only remember one story line remaining open at the end of series two, whether Sid was going to find Cassie and would they get back together? But this series had lots of loose ends and both sets of Skins could do with a sequel, so we know what happens to our favourite characters.

But series 5 is in development and the new cast has been announced with a whole bunch of new Skins.

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By Max Power


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