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Tom Jones Rocks the House on Letterman

This show went to air in the USA on 22nd September, but was shown in Australia on 25th October. It may have been on before, but I never saw it. Now it made the headlines because Joaquin Phoenix apologised to Letterman for his appearance 18 months ago, when he came on in the long hair and beard and played dumb. He avoided most questions, just mumbling occasionally and saying that he was giving up acting to become a rapper. It turns out this was all an act for a film he was making and the Letterman interview became part of the film I’m Still Here, which has now been released in the U.S. Leterman claimed he wanted a million dollars for his part in it and the publicity his show had given it. Joaquin Phoenix for the most part looked almost as awkward as he did in the previous interview and did not have any answers for Letterman’s demands, just saying he would discuss it in private.

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Joaquin Phoenix now



Now the real reason this show should have hit the headlines was for the amazing performance by Tom Jones, singing the bluesy gospel song Burning Hell. Backed only by a drummer and an excellent slide guitarist, rumour has it Paul Stacey and his brother Jeremy on drums – it was really something special. The boy from Pontypridd turned 70 this year, but he has still got that great voice and you get the feeling he always wanted to sing this kind of music. There’s no point me trying to explain any further, here’s the clip below, play it loud, then play it again.

Here’s another track from Tom‘s Praise and Blame album. This one from the British chat show The Paul O’Grady Show .

Didn’t it Rain was previously recorded by the great gospel singers Mahalia Jackson and Sister Rosetta Tharpe

By Max Power

Download Tom Jones Praise and Blame album, or some of his other great tracks by clicking the links below.


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