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ABC2 Thursdays

The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show has been shown on ABC2 for some time now. In recent times we have caught up with the UK and episodes are aired only 6 days after they are shown in Britain. It’s a very good chat show, with some differences. The audience are frequently involved in various skits. Norton often refers to the Internet, with a link right next to him on set. This is either for some quirky information about his guests, or some other novelty he has found. He is very fond of the cat that looks like Hitler, which he introduced to the wider public.


The Cat that looks like Hitler as seen on The Graham Norton Show

Graham Norton is a Gay Irish comedian, I only mention the Gay part as it is central to his act / presentation. He can also be seen in some of the old episodes of Father Ted which follows his show on ABC2. In Father Ted he played a hyperactive priest, very keen on camping and singalongs.

The show usually involves 3 main guests, 2 actors and a comedian, plus a musical guest. It is very relaxed, in fact all the guests usually have a glass of wine in front of them. All of them are seated on a couch at the same time and are encouraged to take part in each others interviews. Last nights guests were Hollywood actors Diane Kruger and Matthew Fox and English comedian John Bishop. Jessie J was the musical guest. Normally most of the guests appear to be enjoying the show, but Matthew Fox, best known for his starring roles in Lost and Party of Five, looked awkward and uncomfortable, but even he was forced to laugh at some of the antics on the show.


Graham Norton guests Jessie J, Matthew Fox, Diane Kruger, John Bishop

Diane Kruger is a German actress who has starred in Troy and Inglourious Basterds. She has spent a lot of time in the UK and America and speaks with an American accent. Both her and Matthew Fox could not understand John Bishop‘s strong Scouse (Liverpool) accent. In fact she asked him if he could do an English accent. Which he thought was ironic coming from a German that spoke like an American. She said she had a really hard time convincing Quentin Tarantino that she was German for her roll in Inglourious Basterds.

Graham introduced a game involving members of the audience “Gay or European”. Guys would stand up and the guests would have to guess if he was Gay or European, it’s all in the name. One of the guys was German (European obviously) and John Bishop thought it was funny that more people could understand the German than him.

Jessie J joined the others on the couch, sitting next to Matthew Fox. She was wearing a skin tight one piece outfit and Matthew Fox looked even more awkward and uncomfortable and was afraid to look at her. Jessie J told a story about falling off a stage into an orchestra pit in a West End musical. She seemed like a fun, friendly and attractive girl, but I was not expecting much from her musically. But I was very pleasantly surprised when she performed her British No. 1 single Price Tag.

The show finished with it’s regular round of audience members in the Red Chair. Audience members are invited to tell their best anecdote seated in a red armchair, but if  Graham or the guests do not like the story Graham pulls a lever and they are tipped backwards out of the chair. This can come as quite a shock to American guests who have not seen the show before.


As you will well know by now Graham Norton has been moved to Channel 10 on Sundays in Australia and we are not a fan, as detailed below. But here is a clip from a more recent show that we just had to include.

Will & Jaden Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro Rap! – The Graham Norton Show – BBC One

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By Max Power

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4 Responses to “The Graham Norton Show”

  1. MaxP says:

    I watched Graham Norton on Channel 10 last night. I didn’t like it. The show was made by the BBC and is not designed to have ad breaks thrown in willy nilly. Take it back to the ABC please. He’s been doing chat shows on TV in the UK for well over a decade now and suddenly Channel 10 get interested because the ABC made him popular in this country. And you know they will stuff around with the time of the show and put repeats on in between new episodes until none of us know where we are. Leave well alone, leave it with the ABC.

    Just a few words on last nights episode too. Not a great one, Graham was too besotted with Gerard Butler. The beautiful Karen Gillan never got enough screen time or chat time. I’m gutted she’s leaving Doctor Who, but I would love to see We’ll Take Manhattan
    , where she plays Jean Shrimpton. I hope it airs here soon, but it will probably be a year or more.

    I like Martin Freeman in The Office and other things I’ve seen him in, but he had the comedian’s seat and didn’t help Graham out with the laughs much.

    Uggie the performing dog was a waste of time and Noel Gallagher may have written a few good tunes, but has less personality than Uggie.

    I am sure things will improve next week with Madonna, a gay icon for Graham if ever there was one.

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