Being Human – The Wolf-Shaped Bullet

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The final episode of series three of Being Human

The Wolf-Shaped Bullet, could not have been more explosive. Herrick had killed McNair, the Werewolf who intended to kill him, at the end of the previous show and Mitchell had been arrested for the Box Tunnel murders. Herrick then killed Detective Nancy Reid, played by the beautiful Erin Richards and all of the remaining cops who had stayed at the house to gather evidence. He then dressed himself up in a Police uniform and went to the station to bust out Mitchell. Herrick was completely back to his old self.


Erin Richards as Detective Nancy Reid who identified Mitchell as the Box Tunnel Murderer

Before Herrick arrived, Annie appeared in Mitchell‘s cell and said she would stay with him in jail, but he had to accept the punishment for the murders. Mitchell said that although he wanted to do that, he could not let humans find out that Vampires really existed. He had already been photographed, under intense protest and had not shown up on the film.

Mitchell and Annie Cell

Annie visits Mitchell in his jail cell

After busting Mitchell out of jail, Herrick took him to the cage fighting place and tried to get George to kill him by telling him that Mitchell had commited the Box Tunnel murders and the fact that he had killed Nina and it was Mitchell‘s fault. He hadn’t actually killed Nina. Annie brought her back to life in the hospital after coming back fom purgatory and another meeting with Lia.

But as George did not know this Herrick was making some progress with his persuasion. In the meantime Tom had discovered that McNair was dead and came looking for Herrick to extract revenge. He sprung George and Mitchell, but Mitchell persuaded Tom not to kill Herrick as he still wanted to find out how he had come back from the dead.

Mitchel and George back in the cage again

But Mitchell took Herrick to a beach and Herrick told him he was able to come back because he was not staked. So Mitchell staked him.

Mitchell then returned to the house and tried to persuade George to stake him, telling him, Nina and Annie that it was the best thing, as he would eventually kill again, maybe even another massacre. They had almost agreed on it when one of the “Old Ones”, the Vampires that kind of run things, turned up. He had already set someone else up to take the wrap for the Box Tunnel murders and now he wanted to take Mithchell with him, as he had big things planned for him. Just as it looked like that was about to happen, George staked Mitchell and told him he did it because he loved him.

So is that the end? I doubt it, some how I think we will see Mitchell and Herrick back again. I also get the feeeling the Lia is going to feature in the next series, maybe in a big way. But it is going to be a while before we see that, so who is going to take up the slack on Friday nights now?

There was some major developments over the last couple of episodes and an ending that really looks like the end for the happy band. But as the writing is so good I fully expect them to come back with even more twists in the next season.

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