Big Brother – Angie Goes and Sam Escapes Again.

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The Gold Coast Blond Bombshell is Out

of the Big Brother House

Intruder Sam, or Mr. Potato Head as he has become known, has dodged two bullets this week. First of all he narrowly avoided being evicted, by polling less than 1% more votes to save than Angie. Then, when he was up for nomination tonight, he was saved by his fake love interest, Layla. She had the voting superpower which allowed her to see the nomination scoreboard before casting her votes.

I must admit that I was disappointed to see Angie evicted on Sunday. She has been amongst the most entertaining house mates, even though her nerves were fraying in recent weeks and she became more argumentative. For me Sam offers nothing in the house and should have gone at least twice now, when more deserving house mates have been evicted.

Sam Big Brother

Mr. Potato Head, can he continue to avoid the deep fat fryer.

Sam is now plotting, scheming and stirring to keep himself in until the end. I believe that the romance with Layla is a ploy and that he is working her, telling her on Sunday that their romance really meant something to him, the night before nominations. Meanwhile he is telling various people that others are talking about them behind their backs. This was successful tonight by turning votes away from him and towards Ben and Stacey.

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Michael has been less fun since Josh left and he seems to be feeling the pressure of being stuck in the place without a close friend. He is gradually turning on everyone, except Ben and Stacey.

I have had some curiosity about Michael’s sexual orientation for some time. He seems to believe that he is straight, but I have long suspected otherwise. There was a huge clue this week when Sam was allowed some photos of his family and friends to be brought into the house. On seeing them Michael let out a huge shriek and raved over how good looking one of Sam’s friends were. I am not suggesting that Michael is a practicing homosexual, but I am sure he would help out if everyone else was busy. This may be part of the reason for his allegiance to Ben and Stacey.

Tonight’s voting was given a huge twist. House mates could only vote for one other person and had to give them 4 points. The other point was allocated to the “loved ones” (family and friends) of the house mates, who voted on their behalf. This had a huge polarizing effect on the nominations and coupled with Sam’s Chinese whispers, meant that Ben and Estelle picked up most of the votes.

So who voted for whom?

Nominator Nominee 1 Points
Zoe Stacey 4
Zoe’s Mum Sam 1
Michael Estelle 4
Michael’s Mate Layla 1
Stacey Estelle 4
Stacey’s Boyfriend Sam 1
Estelle Benjamin 4
Estelle’s Friend Michael 1
Benjamin Sam 4
Benjamin’s Mum Layla 1
Sam Benjamin 4
Sam’s Mum Stacey 1
Layla and her Dad Stacey 3
Layla and her Dad Benjamin 2

Stacey was safe until Layla exercised her super power, saving Sam and putting Stacey up for eviction for the first time. This means that one of the more interesting housemates Ben, Stacey or Estelle will go this week and Sam stays again. But he cannot last much longer. As nominations are finished for the house mates, all of them will soon be nominated and we will be begin to have double evictions and more than one eviction per week.

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Who will win Big Brother 2012 is still anybody’s guess. Michael has support, as do Ben and Stacey. Layla and Zoe are also outside bets, but I do not think either of them really stir enough emotion. If I had to bet I would go for Michael, but not with any great confidence. Where will you be laying your money?

The official site for the show is http://www.bigbrother.com.au/

And the Official Facebook page for voting is

By Max Power


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