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Big Brother Australia Approaches the

Downhill Stretch

Well it’s been another big week in the Big Brother house. Once again, in my opinion, the public voted out the wrong person. Entertaining Stacey left while whinging, bithching Benjamin got to stay. Unfortunately boring Sam was not up for nomination, so we have to deal with him until very close to the end.

The final show is just a week away on Wednesday 7th November. Before that we should see a couple of evictions, one of them a double, leaving three people in the house on the final night to pick the winner from.

Entertaining Stacey

Entertaining Stacey the latest evictee

It was a great pity to see Stacey go. I am not sure what some people vote based on. I guess that the show has quite a young demographic in the main and maybe they vote for the people they would most like to be with, or be friends with themselves. Rather than the people that are most entertaining in the house. And Stacey was certainly that, with her songs, comedy routines, fashion sense and flirting sessions with Big Brother.

Along with Stacey, Benjamin and Estelle were up for eviction this week. I can see a good case for keeping Estelle, as she prompts a lot of reaction. Benjamin used to be entertaining, but in recent weeks he has turned into a whinging queen and some of his put downs of the other house mates have been pretty nasty of late. So I thought it was time for him to go.

Things got worse after Stacey left, with Benjamin sulking and turning on Estelle over her wooden horse toy.

Instead of nominations on Monday, secrets were revealed. I was surprised that everyone was game for this. For clips of film from home and clips of what the other house mates had been saying behind their backs, each contestant had to agree to their own gossiping and nominating being revealed to all. This kind of blew the whole concept of the show to some extent and considering what some house mates had been saying about the others, I was surprised that they agreed to it. But I guess there was a peer pressure to agree to it once the first one had.

It has left some lingering resentment in the house, especially to Benjamin who was probably most guilty of being nasty behind people’s backs. But that resentment was building anyway, as most of his victims had some idea of what was going on and not all of it was out of their ear shot.

Michael and Estelle Snuggling

Michael and Estelle Snuggling again

Zoe seemed to get away with the most, as she had a complete meltdown after Stacey left and revealed in no uncertain terms to Big Brother how she felt about Estelle still being there. This was followed by breaking Estelle’s horses head on a stick, while complaining loudly about her. None of this was shown to anyone who wasn’t there at the time, specifically Estelle who would have to have had a problem with it.

Of course the major twist since Josh’s departure is Michael’s blossoming relationship with Estelle. It’s rom-com material; he spends weeks and weeks hating her, only to fall into her arms at the end. It’s the script for a million Hollywood movies. Is it real or are they both just so desperate for some close companionship.

Voting has now changed and all votes now are to win the competition and whoever has the lowest number of votes come eviction time goes home. I am still not really bothered who wins, but I know I would like to see Sam and Benjamin be the next to go. Who do you want to win and who do you want to go home next?

The official site for the show is http://www.bigbrother.com.au/

And the Official Facebook page for voting is

By Max Power


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