The Jonathan Ross Show

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The Jonathan Ross Show ABC Saturdays.

Jonathan Ross has been hosting chat shows in the UK for over 25 years. He has worked for both the BBC and ITV the two major TV networks in the country. He is also a film buff and hosted Film “whatever year it is” from 2000 to 2011. For the uninitiated the show started out as Film 72 in 1972 and was renamed Film 73 etc. right up until the present day.

The Jonathan Ross Show

Unfortunately in 2008 Ross and Russell Brand did an ill advised prank call on BBC radio which was insulting to the recipient, his family and many of the audience. The recipient of the call was Andrew Sachs who famously played Manuel in Fawlty Towers. Russell Brand had slept with Sachs’ grand daughter Georgina Baillie and Ross and Brand left lewd messages on Sachs’ answering machine regarding that. Ross was suspended by the BBC for 3 months. He was also reprimanded for a lewd remark he made to Gwyneth Paltrow on his BBC TV chat show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

Russel Brand was recently interviewed on The Jonathan Ross Show and the subject was broached in the very entertaining segment

Ross was always known for his risqué sense of humour and that was a huge part of his appeal, but occasionally that can go over the top.

The suspension and reprimands from the BBC eventually led to him departing from the corporation and setting up his current show on ITV. This show has been broadcast by the ABC in Australia on Saturdays, at various time slots.

Many of the tricks from his Friday Night with Jonathan Ross show remain, mainly having a screen on set linked to a camera in the green room, so that guests are included in interviews both before and after their own spot.

Like most chat show hosts Ross starts his show with a monologue, his often uses jokes linked to topical photographs and he later does some prop jokes relating to current events. Both of these can be weak jokes at times, but there is the occasional gem.

That said, Ross is very good with the guests. His interviews are on the edge of what is acceptable to most and he is not afraid to ask them about embarrassing or controversial issues. He plays the cheeky cockney, but he recently met with Micky Flanagan who is even more cockney and even more cheeky.

Jonathan Ross still sends himself up, currently for being older and fat and of course his speech impediment. Like many people whose name contains the letter R he can not pronounce it himself. Interestingly he was voted Sexiest Male Voice in UK Radio in a poll by Trojan condoms.

The guests are always good on The Jonathan Ross Show and the interviews funny and interesting. So if you have not seen the show I suggest that you check it out.

By Max Power

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