American Idol 2013 Top 10 Men

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The American Idol Boys Face Trial by

Public for the First Time

Tonight on American Idol it was the men’s turn to put on their performances and face the voting of the American public. Elijah kicked off the show:-

Elijah Liu – following on from last night, of course we started with a slow ballad. Elijah sung OK. But this Rhianna song was not in the least bit interesting to me. Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj liked it, but never enthused much. Randy Jackson said it never got out of first gear, which is pretty much what I felt. Mariah Carey said she liked it, but also never got excited.

Cortez Shaw – gave us an up-tempo song, at last. A bit of Bruno Mars. He also gave us some dancing, but his eyes weren’t in the performance. I didn’t think it was very good, but thanks for not doing a ballad Cortez. Keith said it was the wrong song for him, Nicki knocked his styling. Randy said he was straining. Mariah wanted a ballad, Jeeezus Mariah haven’t we suffered enough?

Charlie Askew – showed us his 6 hair moustache, that has taken him 6 months to grow, in the lead up clip. He had then shaved it off before his performance. Who says these boys don’t suffer for their art? He sang an interesting version of GenesisMama. He really struggled at the top end, but I like him because he’s different. All of the judges were down on him and he was almost in tears by the time it got to Mariah and she said next to nothing. Charlie told Ryan Seacrest he was angry, almost thru tears, but he never said why.

Nick Boddington – gave us a nice version of The Goo Goo Dolls’ Iris, played and sung gently at the piano. Keith and the crowd loved it, but the rest of the judges were not all that enthused. He was almost as upset as Charlie after their comments, justifiably I think.

Burnel Taylor or Steve Urkel

Burnel Taylor – with his image change he now looks like Steve Urkel from the TV show Family Matters. He sings very well, but not at all to my taste. This was like a musical theatre performance. He got a big response from the audience and the judges, so I am guessing he will be back

Paul Jolley – has a very good voice and it wasn’t a bad song, but still way too theatrical for me. Keith said he needs to be more effortless and the other judges said he was solid, but were not all that keen.

Lazaro Arbos – sang the old classic Feeling Good that Michael Bublé had a hit with recently. But this was more like Shirley Bassey than Bublé. The crowd loved it, Nicki and Randy liked it. Keith and Mariah were less committal.

Curtis Finch Jnr – sang I believe I Can Fly by R Kelly. This guy can really sing, but this performance could have come straight out of a Broadway musical. He probably got the biggest crowd reaction all night. Nicki Minaj raved about it coming from a higher power and Curtis blessed her. Randy and Mariah both felt the power too.

Devin Valez – gave us another old standard, It’s Impossible, in both English and Spanish. He is obviously making his bid for Latin American Idol and I can’t knock that, it’s a big market and he sang much better in Spanish. Nicki said he looked like a Spanish Ken doll. Mariah Carey hinted at the international potential that I was thinking of.

Vincent PowellVince was my favourite of the guys in the last round, which is probably why they saved him for last, hoping for a big finish. But even he went for the effeminate stagey performance tonight and although his voice is really good, this was not for me. The judges knocked him for his nerves and said it was not his best performance.

Considering this was the Top 10 Men, the whole show was seriously lacking in testosterone.

Very little was to my liking and I would have put more of last nights girls through, rather than most of these guys, even some of the girls who went out in the semi-finals. But if I had to pick 5 I’d have to go for Charlie, Nick, Curtis, Devin and Vince. I have no idea who the American public will pick, but with this lot I don’t really care.

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