American Idol 2013 Top Nine

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American Idol 2013 Takes on The Beatles.

This weeks show started off with Ryan Seacrest announcing the winner of the 11th place sing off, to go on the Idol tour in the northern summer. Aubrey Cleland won, which was probably a good thing, as Charlie Askew seems more committed to his own original music and I don’t think a tour singing covers would be much help taking his career in that direction. I can only hope that he is not too tied up in Idol contracts and can now get on with moving on from here.

The Beatles John Lennon and Paul McCartney

The theme for the night was Beatles songs.

Kree Harrison – started the show with With a Little Help From My Friends, the Joe Cocker version. Her performance was not as good as Joe’s or Farnsey’s, for Australian readers. There was not really enough time to build up to the big ending; it kind of went straight into that part. But it was OK. The judges loved it and commented on her styling and performances.

Burnell Taylor – picked Let It Be, but he didn’t know the song. I find that quite amazing that these kids can go through their life wanting to be singers and not know Beatles songs. The arrangement and the backing singers were good, but I didn’t feel he was connected to it. The judges all disagreed with me and loved it.

Amber Holcomb – sang She’s Leaving Home. She started singing sitting on the stairs, with a great tone. She looked fantastic, in a snug fitting dress. This is not one of my favourite Beatles songs, as I find it pretty melancholy, but this was a great performance, the best so far for me. Randy Jackson didn’t like the start, but did like the end. Amber and Mariah Carey didn’t know the song, even more astounding, thankfully Keith Urban did.

Lazaro Arbos – chose In My Life. I’m not sure what I thought of this, at times I liked it, but others I yearned for John Lennon’s more simple approach. So I’d have to give it a 5 out of 10. Mariah once again made it about his courage, but thought it was started too low. Nicki Minaj thought he was nervous and doesn’t like Jimmy Iovine telling him what to do. Randy said it was his worst performance and I thought that was a bit harsh.

Candice Glover – In her rehearsal footage Candice tried to analyse the nonsense lyrics of Come Together. Jimmy Iovine told her not to worry about it. It was a good rocky performance, at last. It’s about time someone rocked it out. This has got to put her in the frame for winning the competition. Keith liked the rock chick performance. Nicki made it about her face. Randy liked the up-tempo change. Mariah loved it too.

Paul Jolley – sang Eleanor Rigby, another of The Beatles melancholy songs. He sang it well, but it still felt like a theatrical performance. The crowd liked the big notes. Nicki liked his outfit, but did not like his performance, bland and forgettable she said. Randy said disconnected. Mariah gave a technical assessment and said that he should be as connected in the soft parts as in the booming parts.

Angie Miller – gave us Yesterday. Jimmy Iovine wants her to be more natural. She looked great with her hair straitened, but sang it as a kind of hymn. Once again the fans cheered the big notes and as they say “big notes win votes”. I liked the last part of the song. Randy said it was a stellar performance, Mariah said it was respectful, but wanted her rock edge. Nicki said she is amazing and can do anything.

Devin VelezThe Long and Winding Road. He started out beautifully clear. I think he sang it very well. It’s funny but when they do my favourite Beatles songs I miss the original. This performance put him up there with Candice tonight. Mariah loved it. Keith wanted more connection. Nicki thanked the penis (pianist), she felt he was very committed and truthful. Randy said he was back tonight.

Janelle Arthur - I Will. This was the only song on the show that I didn’t know. She countrified it. It reminded me a little of Country Roads or a Dolly Parton ballad. It was nice and pleasant, but not a showstopper. Keith thought it was beautiful. Nicki said she was great and loved it. Randy said Janelle was back too, one of the best performances of the night, A- mazing.

Once again in Australia the show was immediately followed by the results show

Jimmy Iovine started with his run down of the previous night. He complained about the judges complementing all of the contestants. He loved Kree. He said Lazaro was the worst performance of the night, it may have been, but I didn’t think it was that bad. He said Candice is the natural. Paul is not ready for prime time. Angie is too dramatic and he wants to fix that.

The boys sang Got to Get You into My Life, a very pop choir version. I didn’t like it.

Paul Jolley was told he was in the bottom 3

The girls sang Here There and Everywhere, slowly and on stools, it was OK.

Devin was told he was in the bottom three, which was terrible really, as he gave one of the best performances of the night. But he obviously does not have as much support as the others.

Lazaro was safe and after the last couple of performances I think he must be getting the sympathy vote.

Amber was in the bottom three. Nobody, including me, could believe that.

The top three were not identified this week.

Paul Jolley was bottom. He sang How Do I Get You Alone, to try to get the judges to save him. He started badly but got better, but the judges were never going to save him. So he left the competition.

Whatever happens next week, I am guessing that Devin will be going home, as he has been in the bottom three the last two weeks. I think that will be a pity, because I think he is the best of the guys. They can all sing, but he is the only one that mixes it up, the others giving us an endless stream of dramatic ballads.

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