American Idol Vegas Semi-Finals 2nd Group of Females

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American Idol 2013

Sorry we were unable to provide a review of the first Men’s semi-final last week, it was due to circumstances way beyond our control. I sat down to watch the show, saw the first song and as the second started there was a large crash outside and all the power went out, and stayed out for the next 18 hours. I am thinking of moving to a first world country. I never did find out what the crash was.

Mariah Carey decolletage

Mariah Carey’s new decolletage

Anyhow, the second ladies semi-final featured the regular panel, with Nicki Minaj wearing her dark roots again and Mariah Carey displaying a vast amount of décolletage.

First act up was Melinda Ademi – Her family were refugees from Kosovo. She sang a staccato style tune and quite deep. It was OK she stayed in tune mostly, but the song did nothing for me. Nicki compared her to Angela Miller from last week and said Angela was better singing the same song. All of the judges said that they thought she was nervous.

Candice Glover – Sang the Carole King classic Natural Woman, it was a good song choice. Another OK performance, but not the best version of that song I have heard. Candice got positive comments from all the judges.

Juliana Chahayed – started singing really husky and playing guitar. There were some very high and fragile parts; she must be the youngest contestant at only 15. It was a nice performance, but I felt that she was only getting started when it ended. She got some good comments from all of the judges and I would put her through to hear more.

Jett Hermano – Sang a slow ballad version of Rhianna’s Only Girl in the World, while playing the piano. It was a very good, controlled performance, for me the best so far tonight. The judges had mixed opinions. Keith was very pro, Nicki and Randy were not so keen and Mariah was non-committal.

Cristabel Clack – Put in a really good performance of Alicia KeysNo One, she controlled the dynamics really well. Keith loved it, Nicki said it wasn’t controlled, I don’t know what she was listening to.

Aubrey Cleland

Aubrey Cleland

Aubrey Cleland – Is a very attractive girl and that gives her great stage presence. Her singing was very good in parts, maybe a little bit iffy on the vibrato. Nicki said she could be a Model if she couldn’t sing and the camera slowly scanned her up and down, well mainly up. She got rave reviews from all of the judges, but Randy and Nicki argued because he wanted big notes.

Rachel Hale – The girl with the non-stop smile was up next. She did something very different to everyone else so far, a country, blues, gospel song and it was great. Keith and Mariah were mixed in their reaction, but Nicki and Randy liked it almost as much as I did.

Breanna Steer – sang to a nice Mexican style arrangement. It was a good dramatic performance. Nicki raved over it. Randy and Mariah were very keen too.

Janelle Arthur - Started well but started to go off key mid way through. She looks good and presents well on stage, but was not good enough to go through for me. She received a lukewarm response from the judges; they mostly blamed her song choice.

Zoannette Johnson – Is from Liberia in Africa and has a huge voice. She sang The Circle of Life, from the Lion King, with an African authenticity of her very own. She has to go through, such a big personality and performer. She got a huge reception from the audience, and the judges raved over her.

The judges picked Zoannette, Aubrey, Candice, Breanna, and Janelle to go through.

I thought they were so wrong; Rachel should have gone through instead of Janelle and Crystal instead of Breanna. What did you think?

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