The Voice 2013 Almost the Final Blind Auditions

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Third Sunday of Blind Auditions on

The Voice 2013

Let’s get straight into the music, as that is pretty much what they did on the show.

First up was

Abby Dobson on The Voice Australia

Abby Dobson 44 – She is the former lead singer of Leonardo’s Bride who had the big hit Even When I’m Sleeping. Her time with the band ended in 2000 because of her Rheumatoid Arthritis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She is now free of that pain and wants to get back into the business as a solo artist. She sang Do Right Woman, Do Right Man which is very different to what she used to sing. She was very good and looked great for 44. I was surprised that no one turned. Seal thought it was too much song for her. I would have thought that someone with her background, and I assume connections, would be able to find another route back. But maybe she has tried those and is exploring other avenues. Best of luck to her.

Michelle Martinez 28 – is a studio backing singer and performs regularly at corporate shows. She sang Lady Marmalade. She is a very good and confident performer, she gave us a popular song and “shook dat ting”. The studio audience loved it. Delta Goodrem turned first with Seal and Joel Madden turning on the very last notes. She said Seal was a very good salesman and she chose him.

There was another montage of three guys that didn’t get through and even in these short snippets I could hear why.

Eske Ozdemir 18 – sang So Sick. He had a pleasant enough voice, but weak and it disappeared in the mix often at the beginning. Then he went very sharp for a long part of the song. That was probably down to nerves. No one turned, unsurprisingly. Joel Madden said his name sounded like a Rap name and he did some rapping, which went down well with everyone.

Sione Felila – is a big Tongan boy whose mother said singing was the only thing he was good at, besides eating. He sang an old favourite of mine You To Me Are Everything. Like Eske, I thought his voice was pleasant but weak, but he stayed in tune and did a scream that persuaded Ricky Martin to turn. So he’s in.

The Voice Kiyomi Vella

Kiyomi Vella an intersting look and sound

Kiyomi Vella 19 – sang 1 2 3 4. she has quirky voice and the look to go with it. She sang in a kind of staccato style. It was quite enjoyable and she went big at the end which showed she could do more. Seal and Joel seemed to wait for each other to turn. Joel went first and Seal went with him. She picked Joel who she thought that she wanted before she came on.

Louise Roussety 29 – is a girl who is uncomfortable with her looks and lacks confidence and has a dislocated elbow from Jiu Jitsu training. She sang Creep, but it was not special to me. But as her voice got bigger Joel turned, no one else did.

Vanessa Raspa 28 – is a former child star and stage performer. She sang These Boots Are Made For Walking, in a very deep and weird way. I think she’s more of a performer than a quality singer. No one turned and I wasn’t surprised. She told Ricky Martin he was beautiful. Ricky took her to the chairs and she sat in Joel’s and hammed it up.

Rob Edwards 35 – was very emotional, even before he went on stage. He sang Seven Nation Army, it was kinda funky. I think he could have been louder in the mix, but it was enough to turn Seal and Delta Goodrem, then Joel Madden. He burst into tears on stage when Joel told him he deserved to be on the show and that he wanted him. All three judges gave him the big sell and they dragged out his decision across an ad break. He chose Delta.

James Walker 19 – comes from a Brisbane family of Doctors and nurses. He sang One Crowded Hour. He’s got a pretty good voice and the sort of looks that teenage girls will go for. Former Boy Band member Ricky Martin was the only one to turn. I was surprised that Seal didn’t know the song, maybe it wasn’t a hit outside of Australia.

Lauren Dawes – is an albino who says that she sings like a black woman. She got this show’s biggest promotion, being shown three competitors before she went on and after every one in between. She sang Bob Marley‘s Is This Love, but a very different, slower arrangement. I didn’t like her voice until she got into the higher register, in fact I thought that there were a lot of pitch and control problems, but Seal loved it and turned, no one else did.

So at the end of the show, that I am sure was advertised as the last Blind Auditions, three coaches still have not completed their teams and there are four spots still to be filled. The promotions for the show seem to be confusing me, or maybe misleading me.

So more Blind Auditions tonight and maybe some Battle Rounds, who knows. Not me and possibly not the programmers.

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The official site for the show is TheVoice.com.au

By Max Power


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