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The Voice Australia Season Two

The Voice returned to our screens last night, after much hoo haa and endless promotion from Channel 9. Before the judges were introduced what did we get? Believe it or not, more promotion. There is an old adage in presentation “tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them”. The commercial stations take the first part of that to extremes.

Following the long promo, we then had a song from all four judges. With Ricky Martin replacing Keith Urban, in case you had not heard. It was not as impressive as last years start, but then I didn’t know the song, Diamonds. Apparently it’s a Rihanna song and she sang it on the American version of The Voice.

The Voice Season 2 Judges

The Voice Season 2 Judges. Seal, Joel Madden, Delta Goodrem and new boy Ricky Martin

Next up we saw the presenter and rumoured Delta Goodrem beau, Darren McMullen. This is the same presenter as last year, but he looked completely different, with long hair, a beard and more casual clothes.

First cab off the rank was a teenage sensation.

Kaity Dunstan 16 – sang Melanie’s Brand New Key. She rocked it up a bit. It was a good song choice, cheerful, happy and has barely been heard for years. All four judges turned around for her. She picked Ricky Martin; I thought Joel Madden would have been a better match for her.

Nathan Allgood 20 – Sang Luther Vandross‘s A House is not a Home very well, considering what a singer Luther was. Delta Goodrem turned first then Joel and Ricky together. Joel said he sung the shit out of that song. He picked Delta.

Simon Meli 35 – had flown in from a European tour to appear on the show. He sang Ramble On from Led Zeppelin a really radical song choice. Seal turned around immediately. I wasn’t sure about him until he got to the chorus, but then he was great. Eventually all of the judges turned. Again I thought Joel would be the best match, but as Seal turned immediately, I would have picked him. Unbelievably he picked Ricky Martin, although he had given a good argument for his cause.

Celia Pavey 19 – is a Ranga, country girl. She sang Scarborough Fair and played guitar. Delta turned as soon as she started, Seal was soon after her. Followed by Joel then Ricky, then she forgot the lyrics. She has an interesting olde English, folk style voice. Joel got on his knees to beg her to join him. Ricky has surpassed Seal for charming people into his team, but she picked Delta.

Evan Mooring 27 – we were told that he had brain and ear tumours when he was young and he said he can not always hear himself when he sings. He sang the Bee GeesHow Deep is Your Love. His voice was OK but lacked brightness at times. No one turned. But his fiancée was invited onto the set to meet Ricky Martin and all the other judges.

Alex Gibson 26 – gave us The BeatlesBlackbird. Seal was first to turn followed Joel. It took most of the song to grow on me, but I liked it by the end. Delta and Ricky never turned. He chose Seal, which was probably best for him. Joel did not sell himself very well.

Lara Parker-Kent – was next up. She is the daughter of Fess Parker of The Radiators. She sang a slow version Bon Jovi‘s Living on a Prayer. It was nice, but not spectacular and no one turned. But they all liked her when they spoke to her afterwards.

Lyric McFarland 28 – was last for the night. She gave us a rousing version of Shy Guy from Diana King. Joel turned and then she got better for me. She did both the singing and rapping parts. All the judges turned. Joel said he turned around because it was badass. He also did the best sell job and he put on a performance, standing on his chair and rousing the crowd, to get her and succeeded.

So after the first night Ricky Martin has two in his team, Delta also has two, Joel and Seal have one each.

The show is back again tonight at 7:00PM on Channel 9 for more blind auditions.

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The official site for the show is TheVoice.com.au

By Max Power


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