American Idol 2013 Grand Final

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The American Idol for 2013 is Revealed

Candice Glover and Kree Harrison

We’ve made it, the very last episode of American Idol for 2013. Candice Glover and Kree Harrison battle for the coveted title. Each will again sing three songs tonight.

The first round was Simon Fuller’s choice, he’s the producer of American Idol and worth mega bucks, so he can pick what he wants.

Kree Harrison started with Angel. It was well sung and pleasant, but not spectacular.

Candice Glover’s song was a similar sort of performance, but with more dynamic range.

Randy Jackson gave the edge to Candice and said both songs were a little sleepy, which was true. Mariah Carey also made brief comments, but Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban were not asked for their input.

There were scant or no introductions to each performance tonight and the judge’s comments were brief. It seems that this show was rushing through to make more room for the results show. This may have been only in the edit that we saw on Australian TV where the two shows are packaged as one.

Carly Ray Jepson was the first guest appearance, with a piece of super light forgettable pop pap. What a waste of time.

Round Two The Winners Single

Kree Harrison was back with a country ballad that was really well sung and a bit more substantial than the first song. She got a standing ovation from all of the judges, except Nicki. Was she wearing the tight dress tonight?

CLICK HERE to download All Cried Out – Single – Kree Harrison

Candice Glover gave us another dramatic ballad, but I didn’t like the song, even though Candice gave it the kitchen sink.

CLICK HERE to download I Am Beautiful – Music Speaks

Nicki stood for this one. She and Keith Urban thought more of the songs than I did.

Final Round Favourite Song of the Season

Kree Harrison came up with the best song so far tonight. A big gospel number with a backing choir. Keith said it was beautiful. Randy said it was the best performance of the night. Mariah agreed with Randy, well derr, but she liked the diversity.

Candice Glover sang I Who Have Nothing, which she sang loud and powerful and started with a long acapella segment. When the band came in she got even better. I would have to give it to Candice on every performance tonight, but this one, by a country mile, was the best of the night.

I (Who Have Nothing) [American Idol Performance] – Single – Candice Glover

All four judges stood. Randy said she shot it to another level and she did. The image of Candice and Ryan Seacrest on stage together made me laugh, as she dwarfs him.

The results show started with a group number from all of the finalists, dressed in white. It was a pretty awful song, where everyone was trying hard to look like they were having fun.

The Band Perry gave us a lively all action performance and were joined by Janelle Arthur and she threw everything in with them, it was fun, I enjoyed it.

The top 5 guys gave us some Jersey Boys action with a great start by Lazaro Arbos, who was undoubtedly the best at this. Frankie Valli joined them to sing You’re Just Too Good To Be True and Grease (Is The Word). Frankie is still in good voice for an old boy, he turned 79 a couple of weeks ago.

Mariah Carey was introduced as the best selling female artist of all time, having sold over 200 million albums, that is phenomenal. I think I’ve only got one of them.

She looked great in a white dress with feathers and some wind action. But she appeared to be singing, or miming, at a completely different venue and there were only snippets of a bunch of songs.

Amber Holcomb was back, looking and sounding great and duetting with Emili Sandé on Next To Me.

Psy, the Gagnam man, was up next, singing in Korean with a big dance troop. All of this theatre is OK but I prefer the music to speak for itself.

Keith Urban then took to the stage with an island beach inspired country tune. Keith‘s band featured a ukulele player with a Uke similar to mine, just thought you’d like to know that. It was obvious why this Aussie has done so well taking country music to its home place.

Candice Glover sang Inseperable. A beautiful smooth soul ballad, she was joined by Jennifer Hudson. Candice just shone alongside the Oscar and Grammy winner, even outshone her.

Angie Miller was back at the piano duetting with Paul Lambert, the camp looking dude from last week, singing Titanium. Not my sort of thing at all.

Jessie J appeared in a shorts based one piece outfit that barely held her boobs in. She sang Domino with Angie. This was a very good and fun performance. Angie appeared to be having the time of her life. Then, when it finished, Jessie J invited her to perform her own single at one of Jessie’s shows in the UK this summer.

Next was a first for me, I had never seen Randy Jackson perform before. He played bass, while Keith Urban played guitar and sang with Kree Harrison, Where The Black Top Ends, another good and enjoyable performance.

The next part was an interesting set up. The great Aretha Franklin sang Natural Woman, Never Loved a Man, RESPECT and Think from a satellite link, while the 5 female finalists sang backing vocals below the screen on the stage in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez and some rapper popped up next. Jenny from the block and her dancers looked good, but I didn’t think much of the tune.

Finally Candice and Kree duetted a medley together and Candice Glover was announced as the winner. This was the right result, she is an amazing singer.

Best of luck to both girls for the future and to the other finalists.

Candice finished the show with her single I Am Beautiful. It was far from her best performance, through her tears, but that’s not what we will remember her for and there will be plenty of great performances from her in the future.

By Max Power

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