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The Penultimate Outing For the

American Idol Girls

So we are down to the final three in American Idol and the girls battle it out for a place in the grand final.

Tonight each of them would sing three songs, which were chosen by other people.

Round one will be songs chosen by uber record producer Jimmy Iovine

Round two songs chosen by the judges

Round three will be songs chosen by the American Idol production crew.

Kree Harrison Perfect

Kree Harrison opened the show with the Pink song Perfect

Kree Harrison started the proceedings with Perfect from Pink. It sounded like a typical middle of the road country tune the way she sang it. Kree sang well but it was a pretty bland song. Keith Urban obviously did not approve of the song choice, but didn’t say it directly. Nicky Minaj‘s advice was to wear flat boots, what the? Randy Jackson said it was not a good song choice for her and he said it was a little flat. Mariah Carey made excuses for Kree saving herself for later tonight

Candice Glover gave us One from U2. It started off soft and gentle, then built big. I did not like that part and would rather have heard her keep it in the U2 mould. Nicky thought that she worked it and compared it to the Mary J Blige version. Randy loved it and Mariah felt it. Keith liked the power in the quiet.

Angie Miller sang Elton John’s Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. The second time we have seen this song on a singing comp on Australian TV this week after Miss Murphy covered it on The Voice on Sunday. I preferred Angie‘s version, although she went a little sharp at times. Randy Jackson questioned why she did not play the piano, Angie didn’t feel she would have been able to learn it in time. Jimmy Iovine obviously picked an Elton John song so she could sing it at the piano; maybe he should have discussed it with her first and picked something she could learn to play quickly. Randy liked it and Mariah did too. Keith Urban wanted restraint again.

There was a long clip of Candice‘s return to her home town. This really shows how big this show is that so many people turn out for their hometown girl.

Candice’s next song was Emeli Sande‘s Next To Me. Candice wore another big ring and did that Dionne Warwick thing with the mike. I preferred this to her first song. It was a good tempo and was not over done. Not a show stopper, but a good performance. Keith loved it he said that she sang where she wanted to sing. Nicky Minaj, on the edge of tears, told her she was so proud of her. Randy said koodoose to us for picking the song, I think he meant Kudos. Both Nicky and Candice ended the segment in tears.

Next was footage Angie Miller’s trip home, in a Lear Jet and featured appearances on the local news as a weather girl. Angie did a huge outdoor show which had so many people in attendance it could explain how she is still there in the final three, that’s a lot of voters.

Angie’s second song was another Pink tune. She strutted the stage with some attitude and I liked that. But again I thought there were some sharp parts in the song. Angie looked better than she sounded to me. Keith and Nicky both mentioned that she had more confidence on stage than ever before. Randy Jackson once again congratulated themselves for choosing the song. Is this show really all about you Randy?

Kree Harrison went home to a crawfish boil and hugged everyone in sight. She visited her old derelict home where she grew up. She also went to a Rodeo and rode a mechanical horse. Kree‘s home concert was in a large stadium and also had a huge number of fans in attendance.

Kree’s next tune was Rascal FlattsHere Comes Goodbye. This country ballad was probably more Kree than anything I’ve heard her sing on the show recently. She got an extended standing ovation from the audience, that Keith revved up. Nicky said it was one of her best performances to date. Randy said this is one of the best top three’s they have ever had on Idol. But again gave props to the judges and props to all of us. Mariah was overwhelmed with emotion over the home visit video. Keith said she had him from beginning to end.

Angie Miller finished with another Emeli Sande song, Maybe. She finally made it to the piano tonight. Angie sang well but I didn’t like the song, it had a lot of words without saying much. Mariah said it was a hard song to sing, in a high key and that is probably also something I never liked about it. Nicky talked about how much she had grown and how she was no longer performing like she was at a beauty pageant and that was her biggest achievement tonight.

Kree’s last song for the night was The Band Perry’s Better Dig Two. An up-tempo country song with a banjo and some devil from Georgia fiddle. This was really in her wheel house, another great performance for country fans. Mariah likes to see the sorrow more than the anger from Kree. Keith and Nicky didn’t think it was a good song for her, unusual that what I thought was the opposite of that. Randy Jackson said pretty much the same as Keith and Nicky.

Candice Glover closed the show. She sang, without an introduction, Somewhere from West Side Story. She belted it out in front of a huge orchestra. It was a great performance for people that like that sort of thing, bit iffy in the ending though I thought. The judges stood for the first time tonight. Keith said “If you want to vote for Candice dial the number on your screen, if you don’t want to vote for Candice call your doctor as you probably don’t have a pulse”. That pretty much summed it up. Although the song is not really my sort of thing, you could not help but admire the performance.

The results show started with a corny cross promotion for the animated film Epic, followed by a terrible sound problem on the first song by the three girls together. It sounded like some of their mikes were not switched on and they were only being picked up elsewhere. Ryan Seacrest and the judges glossed over that, by not mentioning it at all.

Mariah Carey previewed her new video under the guise of teaching the girls about making videos. It was awful, far too much cheesecake for a woman of her age. Paul Lambert, a former Idol contestant, had a filmed spot from Singapore that was even worse. But Alicia Keys showed them what it is all about.

Candice was first to qualify for the final. Kree is the second finalist and that is the undoubtedly right decision. I thought that Angie may have made it when I saw the number of home town supporters that she had. But Candice and Kree are the best singers in this competition. Angie sang her final song on the show, very off key through her tears.

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