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Coaches Make All The Wrong Decisions on

The Voice

The results of the The Voice’s final showdowns aired on Channel 9 on Tuesday. By now you are probably aware of the format, but just in case you are not we will recap.

The public have voted and the singer that came top in the votes and iTunes sales goes through to the next round. The singer that came bottom of the votes and sales is immediately out of the competition and the second and third placed competitors sing off for selection by the team coach.

Once again the team coaches made some poor decisions, including one unforgivable decision of who to leave behind.

Team Joel

Team Joel The Voice

Michael Stangel went straight through on the public vote

Kathy Hinch was bottom of the votes and is out.

Lyric McFarland and Danny Ross sang off

There was nothing new here as they repeated their blind audition songs. Lyric sang Shy Guy.

Danny sang When the Levee Breaks. This was another strange version and not quite what I remember from the blinds. Delta Goodrem could not choose between them. Ricky Martin and Seal both picked Danny Ross. I am really over him after the last two performances. Hendrix and Led Zeppelin are two of my favourite artists and I didn’t like what he did with their material. But Joel Madden did me no favours and picked Danny to go forward.

Team Delta

Team Delta The Voice

Celia Pavey straight through, at least the public are getting it right tonight

Nathan Allgood was straight out, a pity as he is a very good singer and I wanted to see him go through with Celia.

The Sing Off was between Ben Goldstein and Tim Morrison

Ben did his blind audition Bedouin Song with its Middle Eastern flavours and it was very impressive. Tim sang Sunday, Bloody Sunday which was much, much better than what he did with The Foo Fighters last night. But based on those performances I would have to go with Ben, as he offers something very different. Again the coach went against me and Delta chose Tim.

The Wanted Guest Performance

Backstage The Wanted looked like a rock band and seemed to have that snarly attitude, so I was surprised when they turned out to be a bloody boy band. I am pretty sure they were using auto tune on the vocals. Awful song too, not Wanted here.

Team Seal

Team Seal The Voice

Mitchell Anderson was the first to go through, another good pick from the public.

Nicholas Roy is out, as I suspected that song choice in the showdown killed him.

The Sing Off was between Jac Stone and Shawne Kirke

Jac sang Bernard Fanning’s Watch Over Me. It was a nice performance and once again she looked sensational. Shawne sang James Morrison’s You Give Me Something. I’ve got to go with Shawne. I think he is very soulful and I like the songs he sings. Delta and Ricky picked Shawne, Joel picked no one. Surprisingly Seal picked Jac and Shawne goes home.

Team Ricky

Team Ricky The Voice

Luke Kennedy went straight through, which was a foregone conclusion, as he had the number one song on iTunes

James Walker goes home, the right decision in my opinion as the other three were so good in the Showdowns.

Emma Pask and Caterina Torres sang off for the final place in the next round.

Emma sang Blue Skies, it wasn’t quite the showstopper that Mas Que Nada was, but it was still great. I loved it, as did the coaches and the studio audience. Caterina gave an impassioned performance of Hot Right Now, but it would be a crime if Emma didn’t go through.

But blow me if Ricky Martin did not go ahead and commit that crime. He chose Caterina to go through. I’ve nothing against Caterina and had she been in another team I would be happy for her to go through. But Ricky seems to think as he as offered Emma a spot on his album that is enough. But he is denying the Australian public the opportunity to see something different on this show from the normal stuff you see in the charts. I will not forgive Mr Martin for this.

Just to prove how wrong he was, Ricky Martin informed us that Emma Pask’s self funded album is number one in the iTunes charts. Talk about the public not getting what the public wants.

CLICK HERE if you want to download Emma Pask’s music from iTunes

This must be a record, every judges decision was the opposite of mine in this round.

If you want to keep watching the show after this, I believe it is back on Sunday with an all public voting format, but probably not. The hidden agenda will most likely raise its head again.

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The official site for the show is TheVoice.com.au

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