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The Voice Moves into the Next Format

I have a strong suspicion that the first of The Voice “Live Rounds” were not live at all. The show was originally scheduled to go out on Sunday night and was rescheduled to Monday, with no explanation from Channel 9, despite numerous protests on the shows Facebook Fanpage. This, together with some things I saw during the show, lead me to believe that it was recorded on Sunday, edited and broadcast on Monday. If anyone knows any different I would be happy to hear about it.

Anyhow, the format for this round seems to be that all remaining competitors will sing in each show, the coach now has the option to put one of them straight through to the next round and the public gets to vote on the remaining three, with the singer coming bottom of the public vote leaving the show.

Performers appeared team by team again.

Team Joel

Team Joel Live Round 1

Michael Paynter started with Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars. I didn’t like this much, either Michael’s voice or the song.

CLICK HERE to Download Locked Out of Heaven (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Michael Paynter

Michael Stangel was next with Cold Chisel’s Four Walls. I could still very much hear the Chisel. It was a nice performance, but I was waiting in vain for it to let rip.

CLICK HERE to Download Four Walls (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Michael Stangel

So far the performances seemed brief and the comments even more so, theirs not mine, although I admit that so far I’ve had little to say. Only Joel Madden and one other coach would give their input on each performance.

Danny Ross followed with The Joker from Steve Miller. I believe that Danny has a Johnnie Depp fixation. Tonight he was Captain Jack Sparrow, without the hair. This was a novel interpretation of the song, but a little too camp for my taste.

CLICK HERE to Download The Joker (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Danny Ross

Kiyomi Vella was last up for Joel Madden’s team with Bjork’s It’s Oh So Quiet. It was a big production number with male dancers in evening wear with umbrellas. It reminded me of the musical Singing in the Rain. Kiyomi is a great performer and it’s hard to believe that she was studying some sort of science degree before the show and was not a Theatre major. I don’t like this song though. I hate to be told to shush when I am listening to music. But I still think this girl is going to be huge, everything that she does is perfect and professional.

CLICK HERE to Download It’s Oh So Quiet (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Kiyomi Vella

chose Danny Ross to take straight through. I did say last week that we would see the hidden agenda raise its head again. I’m pretty sure that Kiyomi will go through on the public vote.

Team Seal

Team Seal Live Round 1

Mitchell Anderson opened up with Dear Prudence, apparently the Doug Parkinson arrangement. Mitchell once again reminded me of Joe Cocker which is not a bad thing. This is not a favourite Beatles song. I always thought it lacked something. Mitchell gave it everything and sang well. I hope that the song is strong enough to take him through.

CLICK HERE to Download Dear Prudence (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Mitchell Anderson

Alex Gibson sang Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues. This is a great country rock and roll song but I didn’t feel that Alex got into the rockin spirit of it. The band was playing well but I didn’t feel he quite matched them. There was way too much praise from Joel and Seal.

CLICK HERE to Download Folsom Prison Blues (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Alex Gibson

Jac Stone gave us Uninvited from Alanis Morrisette. It was a dramatic production and Jac sang really well, but I would like to have heard more power from her.

CLICK HERE to Download Uninvited (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Jac Stone

Harrison Craig was the last up for Seal with I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You. Harrison sang well but I guess you would have to be into that type of music (Popera). I prefer the more swinging versions by Elvis and others.

CLICK HERE to Download Can’t Help Falling In Love (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Harrison Craig

Seal chose Alex Gibson to go straight through. Once again this reeks of a hidden agenda to me, because I am sure that Alex would not have got through on a public vote and it means that one of the more popular singers will be out.

Team Delta

Team Delta Live Round 1

Tim Morrison was first up for Delta with Something. This was written by George Harrison, the lead guitarist of the Beatles, so the guitar is the main feature of the song. Tim sang well and did his trademark mike stand throwing. I think he overdid it and I didn’t like it for that reason.

CLICK HERE to Download Something (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Tim Morrison

Celia Pavey sang Jolene from Dolly Parton. They changed her look again, this time she was in a full length black dress and different make up colouring, she looked great. This was the best matching of singer and song tonight and a really good performance. Celia looked fantastic and sang even better.

CLICK HERE to Download Jolene (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Celia Pavey

Jackie Sannia sang Skyscraper. This did nothing for me. Jackie sang O.K. But “like a Skyscraper” really? No!

CLICK HERE to Download Skyscraper (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Jackie Sannia

Steve Clisby sang Just The Two of Us from Bill Withers. I thought this was another poor song choice. It’s nice but not a showstopper. But Steve managed to produce a few highlights and he looked good with a slight image change, in a black suit and shirt and no hat. Seal agreed with my point about the song.

CLICK HERE to Download Just the Two of Us (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Steve Clisby

Delta chose to send Steve Clisby straight through which is great. We’ve just gotta see Celia go through on the public vote.

Team Ricky

Team Ricky Live Round 1

Simon Meli sang Sympathy For The Devil and started with some trade mark Mick Jagger maracas, but quickly threw them away. There was a heap of white dude dancing and it was very good, for a brief performance of a song that normally lasts over six minutes. Joel and Ricky loved it.

CLICK HERE to Download Sympathy For the Devil (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Simon Meli

Caterina Torres was next with Love Don’t Cost A Thing from Jennifer Lopez. It was a good performance from Caterina, but I kept thinking about Emma Pask and how she should still be there. I think the band could have gone with a little more of the Latin feel that Caterina was giving it. She presented well, but lost it on the high note at the end where she went flat.

CLICK HERE to Download Love Don’t Cost a Thing (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Caterina Torres

Miss Murphy sang Beyonce’s 1 + 1. I thought the song was more emotion over substance which is the problem with a lot of modern RnB songs. She sang well and the crowd seemed to like it. Ricky went totally over the top in his assessment.

CLICK HERE to Download 1 + 1 (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Miss Murphy

Luke Kennedy was last cab off the rank with Please Don’t Ask Me from John Farnham. Luke was asked to go very pop and forget his classic roots. He did very well and sounded very Farnsy at times. But it seems strange to me to ask singers to move away from their strengths when they are in a competition.

CLICK HERE to Download Please Don’t Ask Me (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Luke Kennedy

Ricky Martin’s was probably the strongest collective team performance tonight. He picked Luke Harrison to go straight through, but for the wrong reasons in my opinion.

Who knows when the results and next round will be?

According to my guide The Voice is not making an appearance on Tuesday night. So, as they say, “check your local guides”, then make an allowance for Channel 9 moving it by 24 hours or so.

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The official site for the show is TheVoice.com.au

By Max Power


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  1. MaxP says:

    I do not seem to be alone in having problems with the coaches choices of who to put straight through last night.

    The Voice Australia posted a question on Facebook asking if you were happy with their choices. Many people are not happy with Alex Gibson and Danny Ross being given the free pass it seems.

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