The Voice Results and Live Round Two

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The Voice Crew is Thinned Even Further

Monday night’s edition of The Voice delivered the results of the public vote on last weeks performances and a new round of “Live” performances. Things kicked off with:-

Team Ricky

Ricky Martin

Miss Murphy and Simon Meli came top of the public vote and live to sing again.

Sadly that meant that Caterina Torres sees the end of the road and leaves the show tonight, meaning Ricky Martin has no one to speak to in Spanish.

First up to sing was the man given the free pass by the coach.

Luke Kennedy sang Freedom from George Michael. On the plus side, Luke did not sing like an opera singer singing pop, but that took away his advantage and he did not really have the chops to make the song rock like the Wham man. Joel Madden kind of said the opposite of that, praising Ricky Martin and his coaching. But I think that is all in the interest of promoting the show and any record producer would keep Luke singing his “Popera”, where he excels.

CLICK HERE to download Freedom 90 (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Luke Kennedy

Team Delta

Delta Goodrem

Celia Pavey and Jackie Sannia were the winners of the public voting.

Tim Morrison was the man to leave and I believe it was song choice that killed him.

Steve Clisby was first to sing from Delta‘s team. He gave us New York State of Mind from Billy Joel. The piano was too loud to start with, drowning out Steve to some extent. But it was another laid back and smooth performance from Mr Clisby with a Sinatra style ending. I hope that it had enough highlights to get him the votes that he needs to go through.

CLICK HERE to download New York State of Mind (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Steve Clisby

Team Seal


Harrison Craig had an iTunes No.1 with I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You, his song from last week, so it was no surprise that he topped the voting. Mitchell Anderson went through with him.

This meant that the beautiful Jac Stone had to leave us.

Alex Gibson, who Seal gave the free pass to last week, went to the Gym with Seal as Seal believed he needed more strength and stamina for his performances. Alex sang Sweet Disposition. It started with some interesting, but weird notes. I did not understand a word of the song, nor like it very much. I think the performance was very out of character for Alex, it was too much change too soon and could see him as the next to leave Team Seal.

CLICK HERE to download Sweet Disposition (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Alex Gibson

Team Joel

Joel Madden

Michael Stangel and Kiyomi Vella came through in the votes.

Michael Paynter left after receiving the fewest votes and sales.

That result suited me. I was worried about Kiyomi going home when she wasn’t announced first.

Danny Ross sang Old Man from Neil Young. Much was made of Danny losing his dad young, in the prelude. I preferred this performance to what I have seen Danny do in the last few weeks, as he sang it straight and did not dress too weird. Seal said it was the best we’d seen him do, but also said that Joel Madden was a genius and how much he had done for him. Wow! This is such a mutual appreciation society.

CLICK HERE to download Old Man (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Danny Ross

Miss Murphy was the first of those voted through this week to sing. I must admit I am not a Miss Murphy fan and the Fugees version of Killing Me Softly was not my favourite. I much preferred the earlier, more soulful version by Roberta Flack. So it’s no surprise that I didn’t enjoy this much. Once again there was a ridiculous amount of disproportionate praise from the coaches.

CLICK HERE to download Killing Me Softly (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Miss Murphy

Michael Stangel sang REM’s Everybody Hurts. It was a nice performance of an excellent song. I also liked the onstage effect of the lights falling like tears. I’m getting a bit sick of the judges over the top comments, especially Seal and Ricky Martin, so maybe they’ll be less mention of those from here on in.

CLICK HERE to download Everybody Hurts (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Michael Stangel

Celia Pavey singing Edelweiss

Celia Pavey sang Edelweiss from The Sound of Music. I was not looking forward to this when I heard that this was the song that Delta had picked for her. But Celia stamped it with her own brand and it even snowed on stage. Once again, I hope that it is enough for her to get the votes to go through.

CLICK HERE to download Edelweiss (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Celia Pavey

Gurrumul and Delta Goodrem sang a song together, as it is reconciliation week. It sounded a bit like Everybody Hurts in another language until Delta came in. She did tend to drown him out after that. It was pleasant enough but not my sort of thing.

Kiyomi Vella singing Young Blood

Kiyomi Vella sang Young Blood. This was her most straight performance, without any quirkiness or theatrics, although her unusual dress and make up drew the eye. It was still excellent. They put her on a pedestal again, as she is stunning to look at and can really sing.

CLICK HERE to download Young Blood (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Kiyomi Vella

Mitchell Anderson gave us What Becomes of The Broken Hearted. Seal duetted with Mitchell in rehearsals. On stage Mitchell did it all himself. This was the best performance tonight for me, of a great strong. Mitchell is one of my favourites left in the competition. I’d love to see Australia‘s favourite singing Hobbit go all the way to the final.

CLICK HERE to download What Becomes of the Brokenhearted (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Mitchell Anderson

Jackie Sannia sang Smoke from Natalie Imbruglia. You could see how much Jackie‘s confidence has grown in the interviews before she performed. This was her best performance in my opinion and definitely the best song that she has done on the show.

CLICK HERE to download Smoke (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Jackie Sannia

Simon Meli was next with Elton John’s Tiny Dancer, the song which got a new lease of life in the film Almost Famous. This was another excellent performance from Simon. He is a pro and has been lucky enough not be given a song outside of his wheelhouse by the coaches like some of the artists have.

CLICK HERE to download Tiny Dancer (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Simon Meli

Harrison Craig was set up for the big finale. He gave it some Rat Pack action trying to emulate Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jnr. He sounded like Michael Bublé in parts which is no bad thing, but his movements were very stiff. He gave it the big ending and the audience loved it.

CLICK HERE to download It Had Better Be Tonight (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Harrison Craig

The last five performances were much better than those before the interval with Delta and Gurrumul.

If I were to pick who would leave this week based on this, I would go with Miss Murphy, Jackie Sannia, Danny Ross and Alex Gibson. Including two of those given the free pass into this weeks show.

But you never know how the voting and downloading will go. Miss Murphy seems to be much more popular with others than she is with me.

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The official site for the show is TheVoice.com.au

By Max Power


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