The Voice Showdowns Two

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Second Round Of Showdowns on

The Voice Australia

Another night, another hairstyle for Delta Goodrem and another hair colour for Joel Madden. And those are the two team leaders in the frame for tonight’s showdowns

Delta’s Team began proceedings.

Joel Madden and Delta Goodrem The Voice Showdowns Night Two

Joel and Delta. New hair colour, new hairstyle

Rob Edwards was first up singing Impossible. He had a very quiet start. Delta was amusing sitting in her chair singing every line along with him. I didn’t know the song and I didn’t like it. Rob’s diction was very poor. It’s hard to be connected to a song when you can’t hear what he’s singing about. The judges praised his tone and presence. Just like last night, there was more praise than was justified in my opinion.

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Jackie Sannia followed with Arithmetic, another song that I didn’t know or think much of. Jackie‘s voice sounded slightly strangled to me and it is obvious someone else is revving up the audience at certain points, telling them when to cheer or applaud. Seal thought her performance was spellbinding, I thought it was OK and once again the judge’s praise was over the top.

CLICK HERE to Download Arithmetic (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Jackie Sannia

Josh Kyle sang Settle Down. This guy can sing and I like the way he plays with rhythm. There is a big jazz influence and he got a big crowd reaction. The best performance so far tonight for me, but not that commercial I would have thought. I hope he goes through. Joel Madden said “a great opportunity to be different”, which is what I like about him.

CLICK HERE to Download Settle Down (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Josh Kyle

Steve Clisby gave us God Bless The Child from Billie Holiday. Steve is unashamedly one of my favourites, with a classic song. He surpassed Josh as the best performance tonight. This man is really cool and is just so good. Joel said he is going to vote for him. Ricky Martin said nothing and just hugged him. Delta was very wordy in her praise, but I believe genuine. If this man does not get through I will stop watching the show.

CLICK HERE to Download God Bless the Child (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Steve Clisby

There’s no doubt in my mind that Steve and Josh were the best of this four, but I am concerned that they will not both go through.

Then it was time for Team Joel

Danni Hodson started off with Stronger from Kelly Clarkson. This was a good ballsy performance, the lyrics backed up the emotion of it, unlike Rob Edwards’ opening number. Danni looked good with her hair down and the stylists influence. Joel thought that she did her best and there was talk of her redeeming herself from the Battle Rounds, when some of the judges thought she only did just enough to get through.

CLICK HERE to Download Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) [The Voice 2013 Performance] – Single – Danni Hodson

Adam Garrett was another voice that sounded strangled tonight and his coaching concentrated on the interaction with the crowd, rather than the music and it showed in the performance. Once again there was too much praise for a quite ordinary performance and a bland song.

CLICK HERE to Download Animal (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Adam Garrett

Kiyomi Vella Showdown

Kiyomi Vella great look, great performance

Kiyomi Vella gave us Upside Down. She may not be the best singer in the competition but she is a great performer. She varies her look and always looks great. This was a really interesting performance and she deserves to stay. I think Kiyomi could have a great pop career. She would put on great shows and I would love to see her videos.

CLICK HERE to Download Upside Down (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Kiyomi Vella

Michael Paynter sang The Horses from Daryl Braithwaite. I’m not that keen on Michael‘s tone, it’s a little high for me. But this was a very good performance and only suffered from being too short. All of the judges seem to want him to take more direction, so may be behind the scenes he tries too hard to be independent.

CLICK HERE to Download The Horses (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Michael Paynter

Kiyomi would have to be favourite to go through from Joel’s team, second would be a toss up between Danni and Michael.

We shall find out tonight on the results show at 7:00PM on Channel 9

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The official site for the show is TheVoice.com.au


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