Skins is Back and Another One Bites the Dust

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Series Six of Skins Finally Airs on Australian TV

Series six of Skins has finally begun to air on Australian TV almost 18 months after it first was first seen in the UK. Once again, like the previous series, the writers have killed off a lead character, this time the lovely Grace, played by Jessica Sula.

In case you have missed it, Skins has been hidden away on SBS 2 at 9:30PM on Thursday nights, clashing with another favourite show of mine Brand X with Russell Brand on Channel One. Episodes one and two of series six have already aired and sadly Grace is no more.

Skins Grace

Grace played by Jessica Sula is sadly no more

I am not sure why the writers choose to kill off one of the lead characters in every second series of Skins, maybe it’s to show that their life of sex and drugs and dance music has its consequences. This time an innocent received the wrath of the writers.

Series six began in Morocco, where all of the Bristol chums were on holiday. They had hooked up, unbeknownst to them, with a major drug dealer who decided to kidnap Frankie in order to force her boyfriend, Matty, to transport a large quantity of cocaine for him. Poor innocent Grace chose the wrong moment to jump into Matty’s jeep to try to sort out his flagging relationship with Frankie. Just at that moment, Liv discovers the kidnap plan and jumps in the back telling him to “follow that car”.

The car chase ends with Matty rolling the jeep, the drugs spilled all over the countryside and Matty making a getaway on his toes.

Episode two began with everyone back in Bristol, except Matty who had gone missing and poor Grace was in a coma in hospital. Rich was banned from seeing Grace by her father, as he blamed all of her friends for her accident. But Rich was not to be deterred and he climbed into the air vents and crashed through the ceiling onto the bed next to her. Grace woke up and told Rich her dad was moving her to Zurich for her recovery. Just as Rich and Grace were about to consummate their reconciliation, Rich was dragged out of the hospital by security with his trousers around his ankles.

After Grace and her father fly off to Zurich, Rich breaks into their home and sleeps in her bed. He proceeds to wreck the place along with Alo and a massive rave that he has organized. Grace turns up at the rave party and she sleeps with Rich, but has disappeared when he wakes up in the morning.

In the front garden Rich hears his broken mobile phone ringing and takes a call from Grace, who tells him she had to go and that he knows why.

Grace’s father shows up and tells Rich that she died the previous day, never having woken up from the coma.

It’s sad to see sweet Gracie go, but somehow she does show up in episodes yet to be seen in Australia. It will be interesting to find out how.

Other story lines that we can see developing in the coming weeks are the return of Matty and Mini’s secret hook ups with Alo, who she insists tells no one about them.

Keep an eye open for Skins on SBS Two Thursday nights at 9:30.


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