The Voice Live Semi Final

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The Finalists For The Voice 2013 Are Revealed

and They Sing Their Own Songs

The Voice Semi Final started with all of the judges singing Ricky Martin’s La Vida Loca.

Joel Madden started off playing guitar, so that looks like Benji is going to be out of a job. All of the guys sounded a little husky and were drowned out by too much crowd noise. Delta Goodrem appeared in a short gold dress and shook dat ting.

The competitors appeared by team to perform and have the results announced.

Team Delta

Celia Pavey Singing Xanadu

Celia Pavey sang Xanadu. For some reason Delta Goodrem believes that songs from the shows are the best match for this Celtic country / folk singer. Celia looked amazing in a fairy dress and with a lot more hair than usual. She sang it beautifully with her own distinct style.

CLICK HERE to download Xanadu (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Celia Pavey

Steve Clisby sang Change The World. I can say no more than this was another cool, faultless performance from Steve.

It was a tough decision between these two. But I would have to go with Steve, as he sings better songs, but Celia has done really well with the material she has been given.

Celia won the public vote; it was too much to hope for, for an old pro making the final.

Team Seal

Mitchell Anderson sings To Love Somebody

Harrison Craig sang Unchained Melody. He struggled with a key change in rehearsals, so started very low. He sang it really well and handled the key change masterfully when it counted.

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Mitchell Anderson sang the Bee GeesTo Love Somebody. This was another excellent performance from Mitchell.

This was also a difficult choice. As good as Harrison is, I prefer Mitchell’s soulful rocky style, but I would be shocked if the younger man doesn’t go through.

Harrison goes through unsurprisingly and we lose the second great older guy.

Mitchell had some great words of thanks to say that reduced Delta to tears.

Team Joel

Kiyomi Vella sings Running Up That Hill

Kiyomi Vella sang Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill. I didn’t like her dark eye make up and slicked back hair look, but she sang a very difficult song very well.

Danny Ross sang Let Her Go. I’ve got mixed feelings about Danny. I’ve hated some of what he has done on the show, but he has been pretty good the last couple of weeks. He wore another silly outfit, with a cape and hat, looking like a detective from a book from the 1800′s or cabaret magician. I think the performance lacked commitment and the song was the least well known so far tonight.

CLICK HERE to download Let Her Go (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Danny Ross

I would have no problem with this decision, for me it would have to be Kiyomi. I only hope the public gets it right.

But the public got it wrong again and Danny Ross goes through. It’s going to be a very disappointing final for me.

Team Ricky

Luke Kennedy sings Caruso

Miss Murphy sang Love Don’t Live Here Anymore, originally recorded by Rose Royce. The only thing worse than listening to this for me was watching Ricky Martin‘s creepy dancing in his chair to it.

Luke Kennedy sang Caruso. He went back to his roots, singing opera in Italian. This is really what he excels at.

CLICK HERE to download Caruso (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Luke Kennedy

To me there is no decision here, it has to be Luke and let’s hope his chart sales will put him in the final.

Luke did go through, if he didn’t I would have had to give the final a miss.

The Finalists

So the finalists all got the opportunity to sing again. This time with an original song of their own.

Luke Kennedy backed up with his song Love is Gone. I had mixed feelings about the song. I liked parts of it and not others, but he certainly gave the vocal range a work out.

CLICK HERE to download Love Is Gone (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Luke Kennedy or any of Luke’s songs from The Voice which all count as 2 Votes for him.

Celia Pavey‘s own song was called Candle in the Night and they said it has already had 400,000 hits on YouTube, it was only 395,061 when I checked, but that’s nit picking and I am pretty sure that it will get a few more tonight. It was beautifully sung and performed.

CLICK HERE to download Candle In the Night (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Celia Pavey or any of Celia’s songs from The Voice which all count as 2 Votes for her.

Harrison Craig sings More Than A Dream

Danny Ross’s song was called Windmill. I felt very indifferent about this song.

CLICK HERE to download Windmill (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Danny Ross or any of Danny’s songs from The Voice which all count as 2 Votes for him.

Harrison Craig once again got to close the show for the competitors. His song was called More Than a Dream. And once again it was a very Michael Bublé like performance. It was quite a nice song that was well received by the studio audience. Seal’s analysis went on longer than the song itself; no one got time for that.

CLICK HERE to download More Than a Dream (The Voice 2013 Performance) – Single – Harrison Craig or any of Harrison’s songs from The Voice which all count as 2 Votes for him.

So what is your forecast for the final? I would have to guess that the two ‘popera’ guys are favourites, with Craig Harrison slightly shading Luke Kennedy because of his age and teenage appeal.

Celia Pavey should take at least third place and Danny Ross bringing up the rear, but I would much rather have seen Kiyomi Vella in that spot giving them a run for their money.

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The official site for the show is TheVoice.com.au

By Max Power


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