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Interesting Possibility of a Real Life Issue in the

Big Brother House

Some interesting issues were raised in tonight’s show regarding Ben and the possibility of him suffering from anxiety and depression. First of all when Mike Goldman interviewed his mother, before the eviction, she mentioned the hard time he was having earlier in the year. Then, in a clip of Ben speaking to Tim, Tahan and some others in the kitchen, Ben mentioned his anxiety and his normal tendency of avoiding mixing with others. This is a common trait amongst the depressed and anxious, but sadly it is also a cause of depression.

Big Brothers Ben and Sonia Kruger

Ben gets to meet Tina Sparkle (Sonia Kruger) sooner than we hoped

For anyone that doesn’t know, anxiety and depression are closely aligned mental disorders. Anxieties, such as phobias and social discomfort, often lead to depression.

Big Brother's Ben Zabel stand up comedian

Will the real Ben please stand up

There were rumours around earlier in the week that Ben was actually a stand up comedian. Someone uncovered a bill of Ben appearing at a stand up show many years ago. This led to some people believing that his whole persona on the show may be fake. I hope that this did not lead to his eviction from the show. But it’s hard to understand how he would go from regularly being top of the “voting to save” list, to the bottom.

Many people thought that Ben was sweet, because of his eccentricities and vulnerabilities. There is no reason that this would prevent him from trying out stand up comedy, or anything else for that matter. Many people who suffer with anxiety and depression do a very good job of masking it from the world and often try out things that test their limits, so that they can try and get past them.

I was sorry to see Ben evicted from the house tonight, I was hoping that he would be this years winner. For me, the show will be a lot less interesting without him. Society outside the house includes a wide variety of characters and personalities. Without Ben the house will be a lot more vanilla.

If Ben really has suffered anxiety and depression, I hope that his experiences in the house and those yet to come, as a result of being involved, will help him recover.

Intruder Swap Over

There was some shameful milking of emotions when Nathan gave up his place in the house to allow the two girl intruders to continue. The producers wrung every tear they could out of the event by making the housemates choose which intruder they would like to stay in front of them. Then, when that was over and everyone believed that Madaline was leaving, they unleashed Nathan‘s chat with Big Brother where he said he no longer wanted to stay, so that everyone could cry again.

Can you imagine if Tully was still there for that? They would have had another flood Queensland.

Prospects for Remaining House Mates

As far as the remaining housemates are concerned I really do not have a favourite to win.

Tehan I like to see stay as she is so good to look at. But she can be very mean at times and excusing it as just being honest doesn’t really cut it. There is a line between honesty and rudeness and mature people know where that line falls.

Big Brother Jade and Ed on their date

Jade and Ed not a match made in heaven, or the Garden of Eden

Jade is also very easy on the eyes and I think she is quite a sweet girl, but very naive and needy. I think she will see very little of Ed when she leaves the house and that will hurt her. But if she won the quarter of a mill I am worried that someone may take it off of her, because of her trusting nature.

Ed just isn’t that interesting, I would much rather he had left tonight. He seems to be making the best of a difficult situation with Jade. But I have no doubt that he will dump her when they leave, as he seems to have no commitment to her or the relationship. He doesn’t really need the prize money, as he already has everything else, the looks, the sports career and his business.

Drew has had his win, he seems to have acquired a new girlfriend in Tully, who he has already said that he is in love with.

Mikkayla irritates me at times, other than that she seems like a reasonable person, but doesn’t seem like the sort of person who has won in the past.

Tim is considered the master manipulator and if the prize should go to the person who tried hardest to win it, then it should be him. But that is not the way I see the show. It originally started out as a social experiment to see how strangers would react when left alone in a house with no outside influences, distractions or support. I know it has moved on from that now and it is heavily controlled. Big Brother is the master manipulator.

That leaves the intruders Madaline and Boog. Who calls themselves Boog?

An intruder has never won Big Brother, so I am pretty sure that they will be voted out as soon as they can be. But, in the short period that they have been in the house, we have discovered that Boog is a Personal Trainer, who doesn’t look like one and Tim has professed his love for her. That is kind of hard to believe, based on his history of manipulation and his interactions with her.

Madaline seems to be able to perform wonders with makeup, looking totally different when she is not wearing it. But that may be a good thing, as some of the promo shots before she went into the house had her looking like a secretary from a porn film.

I suppose I will see the show through until the end, but it is a lot less appealing without Ben.

Do you have a favourite to win? Let us know who and why in the comments section below.

The official site for the show is http://www.bigbrother.com.au

If you or anyone that you know has problems with anxiety or depression check out the article 7 Tips for Good Mental Health on our sister site Australian Health Reviews or these sites have some good information too


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