Downton Abbey is Back

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Downton Abbey Season Five Premieres

on Channel 7

Downton Abbey has returned to Channel 7 in Australia, with series 5, which premiered in the UK last year. But of course first run shows are not considered by commercial stations in Australia in Summer.

Carson and Lord Grantham

Carson (Jim Carter) and Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) bending and maybe breaking in the winds of change.

This series begins in 1924, when a Labour government has been elected in Britain and the winds of change are pretty unsettling for the British aristocracy. The heads of the house, both upstairs and downstairs, Lord Grantham and his butler Carson, are not at all comfortable with the changing of the guard that they fear. The working class are demanding a greater say in the way of things and more authority being allocated based on ability, rather than accident of birth.

Lady Mary is being hotly pursued by Lord Gillingham, who has both honourable and more base intentions. All the while she is becoming more assured in her role managing the estate and her father.

Lady Edith is maintaining contact with her daughter, born without benefit of clergy. The little girl has been adopted by one of the estate’s farmers, but keeping the secret is difficult and suspicions are bound to be aroused soon.

Lady Mary pursued by Lord Gillingham

Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) pursued by Lord Gillingham (Tom Cullen)

Cousin Isobel Crawley, also has an admirer, Lord Merton. This is of some concern to the Dowager Countess, who does not relish the prospect of Isobel joining the titled gentry and is doing her best to scuttle the the relationship. Dr Clarkson, who has a close friendship with Isobel, is also not keen to see things develop further.

Below stairs, Thomas Barrow continues to manipulate and scheme against everyone that he can. But always manages to avoid falling foul of the hierarchy by outrageous good fortune.

Downton Abbey Daisy

Daisy (Sophie McShera) pursues further education

Kitchen maid Daisy has decided to educate herself and is finding it hard going. But Lady Rose has introduced Tom Branson‘s friend and schoolteacher, Sarah Bunting, to the household. So a hook up between those two seems certain to be in the offing.

The show continues to provide interesting story lines, great costumes and 1920’s fashion, for those that are into that sort of thing, and the acting of the huge ensemble cast is superb. Even so, Dame Maggie Smith continues to steal almost every scene that she is in.

Downton Abbey airs on Sudays at 9:00PM on Channel 7. Stay tuned, or pick up the shows from iTunes or Amazon via the links below.

CLICK HERE to download episodes or entire series of Downton Abbey

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