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The Australian Version of The Voice Returns

with a British Star

Obviously we are now in a ratings period for Australian television. The repeats and erratic programming have taken a break and a slew of new shows and big returns have hit our screens. Houdini, Under the Dome, Master Chef, The Blacklist and more.

The Voice 2015 Panel

Not least of those returns is The Voice. The panel has been reshuffled. Ricky Martin and Joel Madden have returned, as has Delta Goodrem, after being benched for Kylie Minogue last year. In a twist, Joel has been joined by his twin brother Benji, in a double spinning chair, and the token black guy is actually a second girl this year, none other than the English multiple hit maker Jessie J.

I’m a bit of a fan of Jessie J. She really can sing and she writes her own material, as well as writing for some of the biggest names around, including Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus. I first came across her on the Graham Norton show and she blew me away, as I was expecting just another pop princess.

Jessie has plenty of experience on the British version of The Voice and so far has proved to be very competitive and quite the scene stealer on the Australian show.

We are yet to see if The Madden Brothers have any advantage, being a team. In the first three episodes it seems to have been more of a hindrance, with a certain amount of fraternal bickering and difficulty in recruiting team members.

Apart from the personnel, little else has changed. The judges/coaches still recruit their team members without seeing them, but not without a sob story. Jessie J seems to have inherited Seal‘s telepathic ability to spot when a singer has a sad story to tell.

I don’t want to belittle anyone’s loss. Losing a close friend or family member is devastating, I know. But why does that have to define them for the show? I’m guessing because that is what the producers have found sells.

The Voice Come Backs

The Voice 2015 Come Back Kids

The Voice 2015 Come Back Kids. Gail Page, Keely Brittain, Aviida featuring Paula Parore

As well as the returning judges, we’ve had a few returning competitors too. Paula Parore from Perth, who was knocked out in the battle round with, series one winner, Karise Eden, is back this year with her husband, as a duo. Both have very good voices and plenty of gigging experience, so let’s hope that they are not pitched against one of the big potential winners too soon this time around.

Gail Page was one of the sensations of the first series when she was knocked back by all of the judges, despite her tremendous voice. This time she had all of the judges, bar Jessie J, turn for her and she went with Ricky Martin.

Another success was the very beautiful young singer from the remote WA fishing town of Denmark, Keely Brittain. She also got no one to turn, when she auditioned last year, but this year hooked the Madden Brothers and Delta Goodrem. She joined Team Delta.


Jessie J looking very ill this week in hospital

Other highlights for me have been Chris Hoskin, who gave us a great version of Crowded House‘s Fall at Your Feet and the pregnant balladeer from the ACT, Amber Nichols.

Amber sang London Grammar‘s Strong and coincidentally there was repeat of them singing it on the Graham Norton Show, aired on Channel 11 the same night. Believe it or not, Amber sang it better.

Jesssie J stormed ahead, picking up four artists the fastest, but then held back on the third show and did not turn for anyone. She has livened up the show and I hope that she can make it back for the battle rounds, having posted photos online of herself from a hospital bed, after an operation, this week. But Jessie is a trooper and has battled injuries and illness in the past to perform shows, so I am sure she will meet her commitments.

The next round of The Voice auditions airs on Sunday at 7:30 on Channel 9.

You can pick up music from Jessie J, Ricky Martin, Delta Goodrem and The Madden Brothers from the links below.

By Max Power


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