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Does the Public Really Have a Say

on The Voice?

Does the Public Really Have a Say on The Voice?

The Voice Live Show No.3 was set to reveal who had made it through the public vote, but first we were to get performances from all of the surviving contestants, with their coaches. First up, Team Madden.

Team Madden

Team Madden Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous

Team Madden singing Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous

Team Madden led us off, with one of Good Charlotte’s earliest hits, Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous. This was a lot of fun, despite some timing issues and missed cues. Joel led the singing, while Benji and all three competitors, Joe Moore, Peta Evans-Taylor and Nathan Hawes, all played guitar while singing.

The public votes were in and Peta Evans-Taylor lost out to Joe Moore. There was a lot of thanks, commiserations and a memories reel, before the first competitive performance of the night.

Logically, Nathan Hawes was up first, as he had been back stage, while Joe was going through the voting results rigmarole. Nathan gave us Four Five Seconds, originally by Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney, although Macca never sang in the promotional video clip. There was a very annoying audience clap along, which was way too high in the mix. The performance had some interesting tones, but it was very similar to everything that Nathan has done before on the show.

Nathan has such an innocent looking, baby face, that the first line of “I think I’ve had enough. I might get a little drunk” was really unbelievable. The song was not really exciting and never went anywhere, but we were instantly told that 90% of Australia loved it.

As half the country never saw it live, how do they calculate that, and so quickly?

Joe Moore was given the REM classic, Everybody Hurts. I didn’t like the way it started out, but once it got to the chorus, it was pretty good from then on. Once again there was way too much crowd noise coming through our TVs. There was a dramatic shot of Delta Goodrem holding her chest and shaking her head, in a semi-religious fashion, to tell us how we should be feeling about this performance.

Despite the fact that we are now down to only two artists per team, the coaches still get to save one of them. The remaining competitor is up against those from the other teams in the vote. Although, exactly how many of them make it into the next round was never explained, as far as I recall.

So we did the rounds of coach’s opinions.

Ricky Martin wants to see more of Nathan. Jessie J opted for Joe and Delta gave us one of her long rambles, before also picking Joe.

Joel needs to see if Australia wants to keep Nathan, so saved Joe.

Team Ricky

Team Ricky Nobody wants to be lonely

Team Ricky singing Nobody Wants to be Lonely

Ricky Martin’s Nobody Wants to be Lonely was his team’s song.

Gail Page‘s voice sounded deep and rich. Naomi Price sounded thin by comparison. In fact, Gail seemed to lead the song even more than Ricky.

Unbelievably, in the public vote, Gail lost out to Naomi. Bad Australia, very, very bad Australia.

So Liam Maihi was the first to perform solo from Team Ricky, with I Got a Love That Keeps Me Waiting. Like Joe Moore’s performance earlier, I really didn’t like the start, but the end was very good, with nice sounds from both Liam’s guitar and voice.

Naomi gave us Marry the Night from Lady Gaga. She was seated at a piano, surrounded by enough candles to burn her at stake, like Joan of Arc.

Naomi wore a dress with a huge collar, which was totally distracting. The song seemed to have very few lyrics, other than the title, which was repeated incessantly. There was a horrible, inappropriate big note. I can’t believe we lost Gail for this.

The judge’s comments turned into quite a heated discussion. Jessie J said how much Naomi had evolved, not as an artist, but as an entertainer, which, once again, was right on the money.

Ricky objected to this, believing that all performers are artists. But Joel Madden backed up Jessie.

Both Jessie J and Delta Goodrem picked Liam to go through. Joel Madden was excited to be there and practically ignored Naomi in his long spiel. He, of course, picked Liam too.

Ricky gave them both a big artist pep talk and also picked Liam.

It was very predictable who would get saved tonight, pretty much whoever didn’t get saved last week.

Anja Nissen

Anja Nissen Triumph

Anja Nissen sings Triumph

Last year’s winner, Anja Nissen, was back, to sing her new single Triumph. Once again the performance was practically drowned out by that awful audience clap along.

On first listen, this was a truly awful song.

I could practically hear the music business moguls saying things like “We want a Jessie J type song” and their team of formula songwriters duly obliging, without any feeling or soul.

The juges had a discussion earlier about artistry and this was the best example I could imagine of it being totally missing.

Team Delta.

Team Delta Sitting on Top of The World

Team Delta singing Sitting on Top of The World

Delta’s song Sitting on Top of the World was her group’s song. Like so many tonight, this started out badly. But Rik-E‘s Ragga livened it up (Rik-E explained to me that what he does is not rapping, it’s Ragga). Delta herself was better after that too; in fact they all were. Lyndall Wennekes hit a very high note.

We were told that Delta’s team had the closest voting, with only 0.1% separating the winner. This was an obvious ploy to bring in more voting dollars.

Caleb Jago-Ward got the nod, so Rik-E-Ragga goes home and he may have shocked a few on the set as, while backing team Delta, he said his favourite performance was from Joe Moore.

Delta broke the night’s mould, by having the voting winner sing first. Caleb gave us The DarknessI believe in a Thing Called Love, as a slow ballad. This was apparently Delta Goodrem‘s arrangement that she created for her brother’s wedding. Caleb had some impressive high parts, but the whole thing was a little uneven.

In rehearsals, Delta talked to Lyndall Wennekes about being free on stage, but gave her another poor song. Lyndall sounded strained at times and following her best performance last week, this was one of her worst. All that sliding around the notes is a real turn off for me. There were more tricks than treats and none of them came off.

The Madden Brothers said tonight wasn’t her best performance, but they heart her and made no decision on who should be saved. Ricky picked Caleb, as he opened up. Jessie J said that she would not tell them ‘that was amazing’ and this is what they need. She said there were parts of Caleb that were real and part entertainer, then rattled on without saying much about Lyndall, although she did say people on Twitter and Facebook would be tougher.

On social media, I seem to have made myself unpopular with Lyndall and at least one of her fans. I really wish her nothing but the best.

But like Jessie, I think it is more constructive to be brutally honest, than to keep saying things are great, when they are not. My advice to Lyndall would be to be true to herself and to stick with more material like she performed last week. Rather than dancing around all over the place, trying to be more diverse than she is ready for.

Having said that, I am quite aware that the performers have little say in what songs they get to sing on The Voice, especially the younger ones, who are less confident in sticking up for themselves when confronted by the TV professionals.

Delta once again went against the grain, by giving Lyndall a consecutive save, which was really wrong. Caleb looked quite upset; injustice can do that to you.

Team Jessie

Team Jessie Flashlight

Team Jessie singing Flashlight

Jessie J sang Flashlight with her team and everyone in the audience waved lights or their phones. I think it only worked when Jessie was singing, when the sound was really full. During her team’s parts it sounded thin without her.

Ellie Drennan went through on the public vote, which really disappointed me, as Amber Nichols is one of my favourites.

The man saved last week, Simi Vuata, gave us We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off. Jessie sang instructions at him in rehearsals.

They arranged this, originally up tempo number, as a slow ballad. This rarely works, as we have already seen in this season of The Voice.

As I said when Nathan Hawes slowed down Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off, the lyrics come much more into focus in this format and often fail as a result. This song ended with the line “We can drink some Cherry Wine”. Hardly profound is it?

Jessie loved it, but it was apparently her decision and obviously I never saw what she did.

Ellie sang The Mamas and The Papas 60’s hit, California Dreaming. It did not sound good in rehearsal and Jessie didn’t think so either. But we were told it had been reworked numerous times. It was much better live.

Once again the crowd annoyed me, this time with an obvious cued up cheer on a big note. The whole thing was kind of milked and a bit too dramatic and over the top for me. So was Jessie J’s reaction and she thinks Ellie should win. So it was very obvious who she was going to save.

Delta told Ellie that she used the same lick over and over again, but still picked her. The Maddens and Ricky picked her too.

They dragged out the announcement, but of course Jessie saved Ellie, to leave Simi to the public vote, along with Nathan, Naomi and Caleb.

It is not clear to me how many get into the final. Is it just one of those four against the saved singers?


Tonight’s show was very disappointing to me on a number of levels. We lost some of my favourite performers in Gail Page, Rik-E-Ragga and Amber Nichols. While the saving seems to be based upon a certain demographic that the producers are aiming at.

Ellie Drennan and Lyndall Wennekes have been saved numerous times and they very much fit into the mould of last year’s winner, Anja Nissen.

Simi Vuata was one of my favourites from the outset, but I think he has suffered most from poor song selection. So I think I am backing Joe from here in as the most likely and deserved winner.

We learnt tonight that we can not trust the judges or the public to pick the right performers to progress, if indeed the public votes count for anything. We have no way of knowing. But we have come this far, so we may as well see how the final rounds pan out.

However, if many of the public are feeling the way I do, I can not see The Voice coming back for another season.

To compensate for some of the horribly slowed down versions of songs we have heard in this series, I have included links to the more lively originals below. Just click on them for more info.

By Max Power


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