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The First Live Round of The Voice 2016


After the The Voice coaches knocked out most of the best talent last week, the live rounds, where the public get a vote, began last night. Jessie J‘s team kicked off proceedings.


Team Jessie

Ellen Reed was first up with Ghost. It was a horrible song, full of fake emotion. Ellen can be screechy and wanders out of tune when she goes hard.

The performance was followed by a lot of false and untrue praise from Jessie.

Brianna Holt sang Samson.

The rehearsal clips confirmed that self doubt was to be the theme for team Jessie.

There was a nice piano part on the song, although I didn’t like it over all. Brianna is a far better singer, with much more control and connection than Ellen

Jack Pellow – Blame It On Me

Jack gave us a kind of country version of the song. It was his best performance since the blinds and the best so far tonight for me.

Mikaela Dean – Take me home

Another sappy ballad, I didn’t like it at all. Mostly because of the song, but I only like Mikaela‘s voice when she sings soft. Personally I think she also loses it when she goes hard.

Both Jessie and Mikaela proceeded to talk gibberish after the performance, things like ‘Not the girl behind the person in front’ and ‘So much you in that’. Pity there wasn’t time to edit that out.

All of the coaches kept picking Mikaela to save, which sounds like a plot to me and of course Jessie saved her. Really, Mikaela and Ellen should be going home, but only one of them can. Let’s hope the public get it right.

And let’s not forget that The Koi Boys should have been in this group and would have been better than any of them.

Team Madden

Lexi Clarke – Rumour Has It

Lexi looked sexy in her specs and sang well, but it was another song that did nothing for me.


Aaliya Warren saved by The Madden Brothers

Aaliah Warren – Welcome to the Black Parade

Aaliah also sang well, but again an ordinary song, that never pushed any of my buttons.

Boy George joined the throng, promoting his tour and reminding us that he has been a coach on the British version of The Voice this year. He also joined the beat up for Mikaela, something smells distinctly fishy here to me.

Andrew Loadsman – Say Something

The Maddens opted to tame Andrew. Just what the show needed at this point, I really don’t think.

But Andrew is a pro and did what they asked of him, I just wasn’t in the mood for so many D&M ballads tonight. With a show this contrived, you would think that someone would contrive to vary the tunes a bit

Lane Sinclair – Video Games

By now a video game seemed more appealing than this show. Again Lane sang OK a song that really wasn’t worth singing.

Ronan had been noticeably absent from comments until now and I believe got his first line of the night, at this late point in the show. I don’t remember what he said, but the fact that he had said nothing until now seemed strange to me.

The Maddens saved Aaliah, but all of this group were better than Jessie‘s save.

Team Ronan

Tash Lockhart – Be The One


Tash Lockhart she’s got it all, including a white guitar, mike, mike stand and outfit.

In rehearsals Tash said “Oh my gosh I’m going to cry already” Ronan said “Let it all out”. He resisted the urge to rub his hands together, because there is nothing The Voice likes more than a few tears.

At last! Tash gave us something different. This was head and shoulders above anything else so far tonight and she looks a million dollars. I can’t believe that she had so much doubt about the performance. I told her she had it all.

Mitch Gardner – Land Down Under


Mitch Gardner, he just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich

Mitch sang with a band around a camp fire on the set. It was quite a mellow version of the old Aussie standard, but had some very nice tones and I really enjoyed it.

Georgia Wiggins – Hide Away

Georgia sang mostly in the dark. She is cute and has abilities, but I have very mixed feelings about her style of staccato highs and lows. But this was better than the endless ballads of the first two groups.

Emad Younan – Vincent

I like Emad and this song, but somehow the two did not go together. I felt it was rushed through and not really connected, despite what everyone on set tried to kid us into believing.

Ronan saved Mitch, even though all of the other coaches tried to put us off track by not mentioning him. I’m sure the public will vote for Tash and I hope that they save Emad too.

Tonight’s show appeared to be sponsored by Google. I found that hard to understand. Why would Google need TV advertising? It’s kind of like bread or water deciding that they don’t get enough exposure.

Team Delta

Elle Murphy – Somebody to Love

In rehearsals Elle mentioned being gun shy after reading social media views on her appearances. Delta told her to sing to ‘that moron troll guy’. I hope that I am not one of those moron troll guys. I try not to be. But I do try to be honest, because there is so much bullshit spouted on the show.

The initial appeal of The Voice to me was that the judges did not destroy the aspirations of the contestants, for entertainment value. But now it seems to have swung 180 degrees and there is too much commendation and poor singing is covered up with fake praise, which leaves us no choice but to highlight it here.

Elle looked good when she appeared on stage, with a heavy fringe to cover the forehead M that she saw on her self in rehearsals. It was a lively performance and the most active of the night, but somehow I wasn’t convinced that she either wanted, or needed somebody to love.

Kim Sheehy – Heart’s a Mess


Kim Sheehy gave an excellent performance in spite of having spiders on her face.

Delta made Kim practice with a book on her head and would not reveal why. The big secret was that graphics, including spiders, were projected onto her face while she sang.

I have not been a fan of Kim, but this was very good and the best of the songs, that I wasn’t familiar with, tonight.

The word ‘artist’ could not have been more over used in the comments on the performance.

Despite her abilities, I’m not sure that I will ever warm to Kim, it’s her look as well as singing style that does not appeal to me, but I have no doubt that I am not her target market and artists like KD Lang have crossed over to a wider audience, but it is a hard sell.

Alfie Arcuri – Pillow Talk

Alfie performed on a dangerously high platform. He had some very nice vocal dynamics, but we were back in the lame song choice area again.

Adam Ladell – Imagine

Adam was billed and introduced as ‘one of the most inspiring artists on the show’ which he no doubt is and I certainly don’t mean to minimise his achievements in overcoming his affliction. But let’s not forget that we get them every year, the pretty young blind girl, people who stutter and people in wheelchairs have all featured and been equally as inspiring.

Unfortunately, I found Adam‘s version of Imagine, one of the most inspiring songs ever written, kind of pedestrian, despite all of the pointing and it had not a hint of John Lennon‘s connection with the theme.

Delta saved Alfie from the public vote, although all of the other coaches picked Kim. Delta basically said Adam is going through, so pick your chick.

A couple of favourites are starting to emerge for me now, in Tash Lockhart and Andrew Loadsman. I hope that The Voice does not contrive to see them go the way of the best talent that has been dumped already.


By Max Power

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