The People V. OJ Simpson

American Crime Story OJ Simpson was a huge star in American Football, he broke all sorts of records at college and professional level and then followed that with a film, TV and advertising career. So, when he was accused of murdering his ex-wife and her male friend, then followed that with a low speed police […]

What IS Happening Under The Dome?

Chesters Mill Has Gone From Being Trapped to Being Directionless. Series three of Under the Dome seems to have really lost it’s way, very much reminding us of a similar series. But at least that one had the good grace to call itself Lost, so we always knew where we were. Series one and two […]

Our Girl

Fantastic BBC Drama Our Girl on the ABC The ABC have been airing the fantastic BBC Afghan war drama, Our Girl. If you have not seen it I certainly recommend that you catch up. Unlike many American war stories, the combatants are not all gung ho heroes with smart mouths and a slick patter of […]

British Crime Drama 2

More Marvelous British Crime Thrillers Click Here to go back to British Crime Drama This week GEM began re-runs of two of the best British crime dramas of recent years. It’s something of a relief that they have started, perhaps now they will ease up on the promotions, maybe cut them down to once in […]

Janet King

Revamped Crownies is in Line for a Logie With the Logies coming soon there is much talk about awards for Janet King. For those of you not in Australia, the Logies is the Australian equivalent of the Emmys or the BAFTAs. Except, where those award nights are all about the programmes and the big stars […]

Downton Abbey is Back

Downton Abbey Season Five Premieres on Channel 7 Downton Abbey has returned to Channel 7 in Australia, with series 5, which premiered in the UK last year. But of course first run shows are not considered by commercial stations in Australia in Summer. This series begins in 1924, when a Labour government has been elected […]

British Crime Drama

Can You Really Beat a Good British Crime Drama? We all know that the Americans make a lot of crime dramas and some of them are very good. The Australians make a few too and some of those are not bad at all. But can you really beat a good British crime drama? Until recently, […]


The Biopic about Cilla Black is Well Worth a Look The ABC aired the first episode of the British mini series Cilla on Sunday night and it was very entertaining. Cilla is the life story of Cilla Black, a 1960’s singer, good friend of the Beatles and a big TV personality in the UK. Cilla […]

Hollywood’s Most Eligible Batchelor, George Clooney, Marries

Film star George Clooney marries in Venice We don’t normally do celebrity gossip pieces, but we’ve decided to make an exception for George Clooney, for a number of reasons. George is a favourite actor and personality of ours. He has starred in and produced many excellent films, O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Three Kings […]

Bob Hoskins A Tribute to a Great British Actor

Bob Hoskins Dies at 71 I just heard the sad new that the Great British actor Bob Hoskins had passed away. Bob retired from acting in 2012 when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He died from of pneumonia at the age of 71 last night in the UK. Although he had made films and […]