The Voice Results and Live Round 3

The Voice Qualifying Goal Posts Move Again. Monday night’s edition of The Voice saw another twist in the qualifying process. After round one the public vote decided who went through and who went home. This week the coaches got control again, deciding which of the second and third placed artists were able to progress. As […]

The Voice Results and Live Round Two

The Voice Crew is Thinned Even Further Monday night’s edition of The Voice delivered the results of the public vote on last weeks performances and a new round of “Live” performances. Things kicked off with:- Team Ricky Miss Murphy and Simon Meli came top of the public vote and live to sing again. Sadly that […]

The Voice Live Rounds

The Voice Moves into the Next Format I have a strong suspicion that the first of The Voice “Live Rounds” were not live at all. The show was originally scheduled to go out on Sunday night and was rescheduled to Monday, with no explanation from Channel 9, despite numerous protests on the shows Facebook Fanpage. […]

The Voice Showdown Results

Winners and Losers in The Voice Showdowns The Voice Showdown results show produced both predictable and surprising outcomes. The qualifying format is that the top member of each team in the public votes goes straight through to the next round. The person bottom of the vote leaves immediately. The middle two sing off and the […]

The Voice Showdowns Begin

The Public Gets a Vote in The Voice Showdowns Things have moved on from the Battle Rounds. Delta Goodrem has a new haircut and most of the judges have changed their clothes. This is the first round in which the public gets to vote. But as I understand it, our input is limited, determining only […]

The Voice 2013 First of The Battle Rounds

The Battle Rounds Commence on The Voice 2013 The show started with a song from the judges/coaches. The boys were all dressed in white and Delta Goodrem in black, with thigh length boots. Mmmm. There was soft focus, letterbox framing and a bit too much staging and drama and not enough song for my liking. […]

The Voice Australia 2013

The Voice Australia Season Two The Voice returned to our screens last night, after much hoo haa and endless promotion from Channel 9. Before the judges were introduced what did we get? Believe it or not, more promotion. There is an old adage in presentation “tell them what you are going to tell them, tell […]