Is the Late Night Chat Show Format Dead, or Just Seriously ill?

What Has Happened to Late Night Chat Shows? With the retirement of Dave Letterman, Jay Leno and Craig Ferguson, the entire face of light night TV has changed. In Australia we now get Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and James Corden nightly. I have given them some time to become accustomed, but I am afraid the […]

David Letterman off his Game

The Late Night Host fails to Deliver I caught the David Letterman Show last night where he interviewed English actress Emma Thompson and TV producer and chat show host Andy Cohen and the Late Night host seemed to be really off of his game. The show started out well enough, with Josh Groban singing a […]

The Graham Norton Show

ABC2 Thursdays The Graham Norton Show has been shown on ABC2 for some time now. In recent times we have caught up with the UK and episodes are aired only 6 days after they are shown in Britain. It’s a very good chat show, with some differences. The audience are frequently involved in various skits. […]