The Voice 2016 Live Show No.3

Results of The Voice’s Second Public Vote   Jessie J opened up the third of the live shows by having a conversation with Sonia Kruger, that went something along the lines “The public have got to vote, otherwise the people that should stay go home”. This sounded like the height of hypocrisy to me, considering […]

The Voice Lives 2016

The First Live Round of The Voice 2016   After the The Voice coaches knocked out most of the best talent last week, the live rounds, where the public get a vote, began last night. Jessie J‘s team kicked off proceedings. Team Jessie   Ellen Reed was first up with Ghost. It was a horrible […]

The Voice Super Battles 2016

The Public Robbed by The Voice’s Hidden Agenda The Voice is well into its 5th season in Australia and each year the producers come up with more ways to take the public out of contention in deciding who they would like to see win the competition, or even appear in the latter rounds. Following on […]

The Voice Australia 2013 4th Blind Auditions

Day Four of Blind Auditions on The Voice 2013 This show carried on from where we left off last night, with the chairs still unturned for Kathy Hinch. Joel Madden jumped out of his chair and ran around to tell her that he wanted her. Eventually all the chairs turned and Joel told her that […]