The Voice 2016

The Voice is Back! I’m Not Sure If We Are. The Voice returned to Australian screens on Sunday night, amid the usual massive promo hype. Despite all of that promotion, I still managed to miss the first half an hour of the show and do not feel inclined to catch up with the online streaming, […]

The Voice Grand Final 2015

Australia’s Voice of 2015 Decided Tonight the Australian version of The Voice drew to its convoluted conclusion. With no offence intended to any of the finalists, it felt much less conclusive than in previous years. The coaches’ saves and altering of the format, meant that the public had far less of an influence on who […]

The Voice Live Show No.4

The Voice Semi-Final? The first business of The Voice Live Show No. 4 was to give us the results of the week’s public voting. But before that, we needed to be told what we had been voting for, as this was never made clear last week, as far as I could see. It was revealed […]

The Voice Live Show No.3

Does the Public Really Have a Say on The Voice? The Voice Live Show No.3 was set to reveal who had made it through the public vote, but first we were to get performances from all of the surviving contestants, with their coaches. First up, Team Madden. Team Madden Team Madden led us off, with […]

The Voice Live Show No.2

The Coaches Really Take Part in The Voice’s Second Live Round Sonia Kruger introduced the second of the The Voice live shows wearing a dress that appeared to be held on with yellow gaffa tape. Very rock and roll, but apart form the yellow strip, it was not a very punk era outfit. The public […]

The Voice Live Show No.1

A Refreshing Performance Round with No Gimmicks for the First Voice Live Show. Two surprises kicked off the first Voice live show of this season. First of all there was no song from the coaches to launch the round, but we were told Delta Goodrem will be performing next time out. Tonight we had to […]

The Voice Super Battles.

Another Desperate Format Change on The Voice. The Voice surprised its regular viewers with another desperate format change this week. These changes do nothing to refresh the format. I am sure that, all but the most gullible, viewers can see that they are just ploys to court more controversy, create headlines and hopefully increase viewers. […]

The Voice Battle Rounds Round 3

Song Quality Soars in Final Voice Battle Rounds Round three of The Voice Battle Rounds began with probably the best opening battle of the week. Nina Baumer and Nicholas Duquemin sang Empire. Nicholas has a rare and distinctive voice. The term unique was bandied about a great deal, but it is not unique. Guys with […]

The Voice Battle Rounds Round 2

Song Quality Becomes an Issue in The Voice Battle Rounds Jessie J’s team kicked off round two of The Voice Battle Rounds with a slightly sensational decision on the coach’s behalf, to have the contestants sing one of her own songs. Maybe she needs the royalties. Jazz singer Fem Belling and country school teacher Cath […]

The Voice Battles Round One

Luke Warm Start to The Battle Rounds After an uninspired and over dramatic performance of We Will Rock You from the coaches, Ellie Drennan and Shyjana Terzioska kicked off The Voice Battle Rounds. We saw Jessie J shoving them in rehearsals, to remind them of their bullying at school and put that emotion into their […]