The Voice 2016 Semi Final

The Voice Voters Choices as Bad as the Coach’s   The semi final of The Voice 2016 began with the results of the public vote. Andrew Loadsman, Adam Ladell, Jack Pellow and Tash Lockhart were voted straight into the final round. So all of my predictions from last week, except Alfie Arcuri, won through. But, […]

The Voice 2016 Live Show No.3

Results of The Voice’s Second Public Vote   Jessie J opened up the third of the live shows by having a conversation with Sonia Kruger, that went something along the lines “The public have got to vote, otherwise the people that should stay go home”. This sounded like the height of hypocrisy to me, considering […]

The Voice Lives 2016

The First Live Round of The Voice 2016   After the The Voice coaches knocked out most of the best talent last week, the live rounds, where the public get a vote, began last night. Jessie J‘s team kicked off proceedings. Team Jessie   Ellen Reed was first up with Ghost. It was a horrible […]

The Voice Super Battles 2016

The Public Robbed by The Voice’s Hidden Agenda The Voice is well into its 5th season in Australia and each year the producers come up with more ways to take the public out of contention in deciding who they would like to see win the competition, or even appear in the latter rounds. Following on […]

The Voice 2016

The Voice is Back! I’m Not Sure If We Are. The Voice returned to Australian screens on Sunday night, amid the usual massive promo hype. Despite all of that promotion, I still managed to miss the first half an hour of the show and do not feel inclined to catch up with the online streaming, […]

The Voice Live Show No.4

The Voice Semi-Final? The first business of The Voice Live Show No. 4 was to give us the results of the week’s public voting. But before that, we needed to be told what we had been voting for, as this was never made clear last week, as far as I could see. It was revealed […]

The Voice Super Battles.

Another Desperate Format Change on The Voice. The Voice surprised its regular viewers with another desperate format change this week. These changes do nothing to refresh the format. I am sure that, all but the most gullible, viewers can see that they are just ploys to court more controversy, create headlines and hopefully increase viewers. […]

The Voice Battle Rounds Round 2

Song Quality Becomes an Issue in The Voice Battle Rounds Jessie J’s team kicked off round two of The Voice Battle Rounds with a slightly sensational decision on the coach’s behalf, to have the contestants sing one of her own songs. Maybe she needs the royalties. Jazz singer Fem Belling and country school teacher Cath […]

The Voice 2015 Week 2 Auditions

Disharmony is The New Voice Theme The producers of The Voice have obviously decided that the format needs spicing up with some controversy and intense rivalry. That theme became more obvious as the week progressed. However the discerning eye would have picked that the confrontation between Jessie J and Delta Goodrem was much more evident […]

The Voice 2015

The Australian Version of The Voice Returns with a British Star Obviously we are now in a ratings period for Australian television. The repeats and erratic programming have taken a break and a slew of new shows and big returns have hit our screens. Houdini, Under the Dome, Master Chef, The Blacklist and more. Not […]